Alexis Bellino

Alexis talks about the chaos of having kids and her fight with Gretchen.

on Mar 6, 2011

Wow! Let me start by saying it's going to be a good season! What a juicy first episode. I'm excited to be blogging again and telling my side of the story!

I had to laugh at myself watching the first segment of me with my children. You must know that not every morning is like that! I wondered why they wanted to keep filming me in my "morning routine" and now I know! I remember that morning like it was yesterday, and it was the most hectic morning out of all of the five mornings that they shot me getting the kids off to school! How cute are those little munchkins? Thank goodness the biting phase is now over in the Bellino family! Melania was the only one that ever had a problem biting, and of course she did it on that morning! However, with three little ones under four years old, I think they acted exactly how they should act! (Well, except for the biting!) My children have been going to pre-school now for over a year, so our morning routines are much more routine and less stressful!

We have also made another change in our family that occurred at the end of filming this season. We let Sandra, our nanny, go, although you will be seeing her throughout this season. Now we have Heather, a 25 year old that worked as my assistant/sitter last year while we were filming. Heather works 25 hours a week, and our life is much more organized and less chaotic (notice "less" chaotic, because it's not not always calm). A lot of people question why we use to have two nannies. When our twins were babies, and James was one year old, we had two nannies to help with all of the diaper changing, meal clean up, toy clean up, etc. At that point it honestly felt like I had triplets. Once the twins turned two and James turned three, we went to one full time nanny. Now that they are three and four, we have gone to one part-time nanny. With that said, my nannies have never been the ones to do the child raising. I take my kids to school, karate, dance, I volunteer at their school, I give them baths, I make the meals, I play puzzles and do the play dates. My nannies have simply helped with the cleanup, activities, babysitting, etc. With that said, I think it's hilarious that I burn the toast and Mel bites Kenna all in one morning! I wouldn't have it any other way though! My life would be so boring without my babies!

Am I the only one who thinks Tamra's scene removing the tattoos had sexual innuendos? And how freaking painful! Yikes, after watching that scene, I realized how thankful I am that I have not yet gotten a tattoo. Phew!