Alexis Bellino

Alexis gives her opinion on Tamra and Fernanda's kiss.

on Apr 23, 2011

Peggy and Micah at the restaurant sampling the menu for their dinner party made my mouth water. I couldn't wait to eat dinner after that scene!

I love Briana. I think Briana is such a sweet girl with a bright future ahead of her. It was fun to see her and her and her girlfriend go to Vegas. Briana has had a rough couple of years and deserves some fun in her life! I would probably be just like Vicki if my girls ever want to take a trip to Vegas. I won't even let them go on the other side of the park next to a boy. (I'm joking, but I don't even like to think of Mellie or K-Bug going to Vegas. Yuck, ugh, ouch, someone please call 911!)

It was so inspiring to see the Marisa K fashion show. I have always loved her dresses and think her new line is beautiful. I actually did some modeling for one of her lines a few years ago, so I've always been a Marisa K fan! (Just to be clear, I'm in no way claiming I'm a model, I'm simply saying I did a modeling shoot for one of Marisa K's lines.) At the fitting Tamra makes the comment, "Jeanna looks great, she just has a nasty soul." That's mean. I think Tamra is projecting in this instance. (I'm not judging, it's just my opinion).

Tal and I at our final dress fitting for Alexis Couture was an intense scene for me. Cutting off that sleeve was cutting about twelve hours of work, but I had to get my point across to Tal. I know that dress, which I called "Grand Finale," will sell better without the sleeves, and the reason I started Alexis Couture is to sell dresses that women want to wear. Boy do I sound educated when I say, "Couture is a term put on a dress if it's super rich." What in the heck was I thinking when those words came out of my mouth? Haha! I think that is what you call a fried brain after three hours of interviews! I laughed so hard at myself after that answer. I was like, "Good one Alexis, super fab answer there!" Geez.