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Clearing the Air

Alexis devotes her blog to clarifying her comments about gay marriage.

Wow, this episode was a doozy for me. Of everything that happened during what I like to call the "Alexis uses bad judgement episode," there is only one thing that I must clear up -- the comments I made about Fernanda's marriage. Please hear me out for the next two paragraphs before you stop reading, because what I said on the episode was not what was in my heart.

I am truly embarrassed and devastated about my comments. It was not my intention to come across judgmental and self-righteous in my comments regarding Fernanda's marriage. I don't want to be thought of as a self-righteous religious person who tells people how to live their lives. First of all, I would never judge or protest gay marriage. Secondly, who am I to say what would happen to them at heaven's gates? The beautiful thing about living in America is that people have the freedom to do what they want. In my opinion, we should all have equal rights and receive equal benefits as Americans, and we should all be allowed to practice those rights. I did not mean to judge anyone, and Sunday's show is not reflective of how I truly feel. I am so sorry if I have offended anyone. I have many, many gay friends (both men and women), and they are dear to me, so I want to apologize to them as well as the entire community for my comments and how I came off.

I felt it necessary that 100% of this week's blog was devoted to apologizing to anyone I offended with my comments. For more on my thoughts, check out my website.

Much love and happiness to everyone.