Alexis Bellino

Alexis dishes on the party and Peggy's behavior.

on Jun 5, 2011

This episode was Jerry Springer gone wrong! It was very interesting to finally see what happened the day of Vicki's party, since on the actual day of the party I didn't see anything that occurred.

It's obvious Vicki is devastated from losing her marriage. No one wants to be divorced. It's heartbreaking in every aspect, and I wish Vicki and Donn find true happiness again and remain friends throughout this difficult time.

Dylan and I always have a blast getting ready for parties. He is such a nice and funny guy! Dylan doesn't ever say a mean thing about anyone, nor does he have any enemies, so it's sad that he got a bad rap on a few of these episodes. None of the other women even know him, so it ticks me off that they talk badly about him. All I know is that Dylan and I laugh 24/7 when we are together. He is so talented with makeup and photography! To contact him for either of those, you can email him at Since Jim didn't want to go to Vicki's party, I took Dylan along with four of my great girlfriends.

Jim decided not to attend the party, because he didn't want the drama. After I came home crying from Peggy's party, it confirmed for him that he didn't want to be around that group. And why should he? The only things any of them have said about him all year have been gross, mean, evil, and untrue. I think Jim had every right to not want to go, especially after watching the entire year play out.