Alexis Bellino

Alexis dishes on the party and Peggy's behavior.

on Jun 5, 2011

Peggy and I are an entirely other topic. Where to begin, where to end. It's so exhausting and so sad. I don't feel like our friendship can recover from all that has happened this year. Peggy has changed so much from the moment she came around this group of women. From day one, every time we filmed she constantly found something to be mad at me about, she attacked me, she insinuated things. She never was herself. She acted like she had an ulterior motive. I felt like she was looking for a reason for us to not be friends anymore. Perhaps it's the Tamra/Gretchen thing, like since Peggy was so close to Tamra, she couldn't be friends with me anymore since I'm so close with Gretchen. I don't know, none of it makes sense. I just can't take a four year friendship with someone and kiss it goodbye without being a little upset about it.

After watching this entire season, I think every time I would "one up" Peggy it was me subconsciously mourning the death of our friendship. Maybe some of it was subconscious leftovers of the fact that I didn't find out until a few months before filming that she dated my husband fifteen years ago. She kept that secret from me for four years! It's not even a big deal, who cares if they dated? I dated people in the past too, Jim and I were both married once before. I'm definitely not trying to compete with Peggy, but it is apparent that some of my comments were unlike me and had some hurt behind them. I think all of that combined with the fact that Peggy has acted so differently is what comes across in my comments to Peggy. A perfect example is when Peggy gets upset about the lip comment I made in San Antonio. Are you kidding? Peggy intentionally gets her lips injected, so why would she feel insulted by me stating her lips are bigger than mine? If someone intentionally makes her lips bigger, wouldn't it be a compliment if someone thinks you have big lips? Honestly I didn't even remember saying it when Peggy confronted me, so it's not like I was trying to hurt her feelings. I think Peggy has great lips, and I love my lips, so end of conversation.

Next we see Peggy go over to Jeana. Why would Peggy stick her nose in the middle of Tamra and Jeana's situation? That is exactly how I'd feel every time I'd film with Peggy, like she was looking for camera time, like she was looking for some drama to cause or to be in the middle of. Just like the lip comment, just like at the beginning of Vicki's party when Peggy is running around loud and crazy to everyone claiming we are not to mention Donn's name during the entire party.