Alexis Bellino

Alexis was shocked by Peggy's comments in Vegas.

on May 22, 2011

Thank goodness we had such a fun, happy episode last week in San Antonio! I had so much fun and loved being with those three girls!

This week when we see Donn and Vicki in their home setting, it felt so odd. I truly feel so sad for Vicki and Donn. I know that neither of them wishes to be in the place they are, yet somehow they ended up there. It seems they are so short with each other and living such separate lives. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, nor would I wish divorce on anyone. I know they are both hurting, and they are both good people. This is a rough time for them, so I cannot comment on where they are in their lives.

When Vicki and Tamra go out for cocktails, it is so hard to hear what Vicki has to say about her marriage. It's just so, so sad. It's really disappointing to hear Tamra and Vicki's comments on Dylan, my assistant. Why do they constantly pick on people that aren't even on the show? Dylan filmed three times, and my husband only a few times, but for some reason Dylan and Jim are the topics of conversation. Dylan is just an innocent bystander in this whole story, and he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. So to hear all the negative things said about him (and the gay community in general) just ticks me off. Are Tamra and Vicki that miserable that they must insult Dylan to make themselves feel better? Actually, they insult anyone who isn't around them at that moment.

Then Micah says he doesn't understand why I would have an assistant. Micah would never understand why I have an assistant, because he is never be as busy as I am. Micah claims he hates it when:

"Everybody's trying to be something they are not."

"Everybody's caught up."

"Everybody's trying to keep up with the Jones'. Live within your means."