Alexis Bellino

Alexis addresses Tamra's pepper spray joke.

on Apr 10, 2011

This episode is one of the most drama free episodes yet!

I must clear up a misconception about last week's blog. Sometimes when I write my blog, what I am trying to convey is misinterpreted because you cannot hear my voice when I'm saying it. When I was discussing Vicki and her divorce, I truly was not insulting her, or judging her. I have to say one thing about Vicki this year, I honestly feel like Vicki has made a change. As we know, she sent me an email at the beginning of the season asking to put the past behind us. I agreed and so we started to move forward. I have been cautiously hopeful that it was sincere, and I do believe it was. So in last week's blog, my heart is going out to her and her family through this divorce. Anything I said regarding her divorce, or feeling like she wished she could take things she said back is sincerely from my heart. The purpose of a blog is to express my view on a scene, so last week I simply meant that in knowing Vicki the little bit that I do know her, I know her heart is big and she would never intentionally say things that would hurt Donn.

So this week, we see Vicki and her family on a boat ride. It's always funny to see how in control Vicki is of the family, and it's obvious she loves and adores her family more than anything.

Next Tamra is in the limo with Eddie, and she is reading the text from me regarding her mace joke, saying it was inappropriate. I'm entitled to my opinion about whether a joke is appropriate or not, and in this case it absolutely is not. First of all, don't drag Vicki into your joke, and second, if you want Gretchen to change her behavior, then change your own! No need for me to be redundant when I clearly stated how I felt in last week's blog. But for Tamra to claim that I am "changing a lot because I am hanging out more with Gretchen," um, no, that is not what is causing this change in me. The change is coming from the fact that I am seeing Tamra's true colors, and I do not allow people to treat me the way she is. lt's called self respect. I cannot believe that I stayed in the middle of her and Gretchen for over a year, defending Tamra, considering Tamra a friend, and then I get treated like this.

Thank goodness for Gretchen planning her parent's vow renewal so we can move to something positive and light-hearted! I thought this looked like a fairy tale! Gretchen and Slade put so much work into this trip and it showed. I just wish Jim and I had been invited! The talk between Slade and Gretchen's dad was great. And Victor Paul going too to style Brenda was so awesome. Brenda truly got pampered, and looked beautiful! My favorite part was when the minister says, "When life has it's moments of tensions, you can just lean back and say I know what love is." What a beautiful saying! And so true. I want to be old, wrinkled, bald, toothless, sitting in a rocker with Jim saying, "Well, darlin, we sure had a good life, and thank you for loving me through everything." Hehe.

As for Gretchen being confused about whether or not she wants to marry Slade, I am so thankful she is taking her time. She is getting pressure from every corner, and I love that she is considering him Mr. Right Right Now, instead of conforming to what everyone else wants and rushing to marry him.