Alexis Bellino

Alexis reacts to Tamra's comments about her marriage.

on Mar 13, 2011

When we were talking about food, I was simply describing which of my kids like to eat what, because they all have such different taste. Peggy told me what her girls were eating or not eating, and I did the same thing. That's what friends do, they talk about what phase each child is at... it's called communication.

As for Peggy's sarcastic comment about James not being signed by an agent, over a year ago James had an offer from Lewis and Beal in LA from an agent, her name is Jackie... so Peggy, you can call for verification. Jackie was sure my son would be a success in the business. My son told me after that day that he didn't like the drive to LA, and didn't think he wanted to be in a car that much, so as a mom I decided he should be playing soccer, basketball, and all the things he enjoys in his childhood rather than traveling to and from LA. I'm not putting my child into a career at such a young age, especially when it seems like he'd rather not. He has his entire life to work. If at some point he changes his mind, I would let him do it.

To be completely honest, Peggy has changed so much over the past several months. She is not the Peggy I knew for the past four years. The things which happen throughout this season are very disappointing and hurtful. I'm sure you will all see in the weeks to come.

All I can say is this, I have everything I want in life, and everyone in my life that I want, so there is no reason I would be jealous of Peggy. We are at totally different places in our life and are totally different people. That is all that this topic even deserves for me to comment about it.