Alexis Bellino

Alexis addresses her situation with Peggy.

on Jun 15, 2011

A few notes on Part II. Yes, I did suffer from postpartum. It's not a laughing matter, it's not something someone can just make up, and my postpartum was actually diagnosed before Peggy's. The fact that Tamra would try to make fun of someone else's misfortunes again shows her character. Postpartum is not something someone is excited to have, or something someone wants to go brag about. It's also not something someone would try to compete about with a friend...I mentioned my postpartum in SEVERAL interviews for other media outlets in the past whenever questions prompted my postpartum to be discussed. My first year of doing this show, the problems with my postpartum never came up. And yes, I had an eating disorder too, but I'm not questioning Gretchen's sincerity just because my eating disorder has been discussed last month and now Gretchen is out talking about her past eating disorder. A reality show is only a snip-it of your entire life, and if neither of my past problems are currently occurring, why would they necessarily come up from the start? 

I did recognize after watching this entire season unfold, that it seems I made several harsh comments towards Peggy. Doing a reality show is very introspective, so after really soul searching as to why I would ever act the way I did towards Peggy, I have come to this conclusion. From the minute Peggy asked me to turn her name in to the producers (yes, SHE came  to ME about WANTING to be on the show, I never ASKED Peggy to try out), Peggy became a different person. The best example of this is when she KNEW Jim was not going to show up to her dinner party, and she walks up to me seeing that I'm already having a hard time answering all of the questions about where Jim is and says, "Alexis, where' s Jim? Oh please, he knew about this a month ago..." So instead of my friend covering for me, or helping me when I'm already struggling, Peggy pours salt in my wounds for her five minutes of fame. So with that said, every single time we filmed together, Peggy constantly looked for things to be mad at me about. She was constantly trying to stir the pot for airtime.  She was quickly becoming a drama queen. I was also harboring a little anger about the fact that when I first got this show, Peggy made snide remarks to me about how she can't believe I would ever do the show, that it was something she would NEVER do. So for her to be that rude to me last year about doing the show, and then all the sudden deciding it was the cool thing to do and try out this year... It just didn't sit well with me. Add that to the fact that she was constantly out in the press talking about how I didn't turn her name in because I didn't want her to steal the spotlight. Well hello, Peggy, it's FIVE of us on this show, so it's impossible for you to steal anyone's spotlight. We all have 1/5 of the spotlight, sweetie pie. In the back of my head I was also still upset that she had kept her past relationship with Jim from me. In my mind I was ticked off because here I had forgiven Peggy for keeping a HUGE secret from me, and she was constantly reminding me that I didn't turn her name in for the show, which is something I fully admitted and apologized to her for over and over again. I was so worried about this show wrecking our friendship, and it did just that. It's really sad because true friendships should be able to endure anything. However a reality show will bring anyone's true colors out. Isn't it funny that we were close as ever last year BEFORE she got on the show, but this year, now that she is on the show, our friendship is over?