Alexis Bellino

Alexis gives us the lowdown on her photo shoot.

on May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Bravo fans! It's the toughest job in the world, but there is no other job or title I'd rather have than "mommy." My son wrote to me that he "loved me because I make the best ribs and because I read to him from the bible." So we see that even a young boy's way to his heart is through his belly! Haha! My daughters wrote (well they scribbled and their teacher translated) that I'm the "best mommy because I paint their nails and make their hair pretty." And here we see girls be girls!

When I invited Peggy to my house so we could discuss her dinner party in further detail, I truly believed that by the time she left we would have things resolved. I was way wrong. This season has definitely put a serious strain on our friendship, and I'm worried it may not recover. The most difficult part for me is that I never wanted Peggy, or any of my close friends, to be a part of this show. I was so fearful that if Peggy became a part of this group it would wreck our friendship, and it did just that. Peggy has changed, she is not the same person I knew last year. It became so frustrating throughout the season to film with her because she became a drama queen, and I felt like she was constantly looking for things to argue with me about. She sat on my couch and complained we weren't spending any time together, but we had just had a play date at the park. Next Peggy is upset because she heard Jim and I were out to dinner one night with some other friends. Yes, there was probably a time when Peggy asked me to dinner and I said no because of a sick kid, or I didn't have a sitter, and the next night I went out with another couple. There are seven days in a week -- the day that works for you may not work for me! So next she says she feels Jim was blowing her and Micah off when he didn't come to their party. By this time I'm so frustrated and feel like she is just looking for things to be mad about. It's like OK, here we go again, she's the victim because my husband did not attend their dinner party. First of all, they knew Jim wasn't going to be there because he didn't want to be around those other women, and that is his prerogative. It's so completely absurd to me that instead of focusing on who was at her party, they seemed to focus the most on what two people weren't there. Are you guys so self-centered to think that every time you have a dinner party, every single person is going to come? I throw dinner parties all the time, and if someone cannot make it, I simply say, "Oh OK, well I hope to see you soon!"

Next Peggy claims Jim has "never had a real job," yet I don't know what her husband does. She says he's a web guy. Evidently my husband is so mysterious and seems to never be working, but I could say the same about him. People are so quick to point fingers when they should take a look at their own life first. Why make ignorant statements that have no validity to them. If anyone needs to be educated on Jim's career, they can go back and read my Episode 9 blog, because I already went into great detail about the many careers my husband has in that blog, so no need to rehash.

Then Peggy makes the statement that, "Alexis lied. Come on Alexis, I thought you were a good Christian." Yes Peggy, we all know that I lied. And my mind was a complete mess the rest of the night after I told that lie too. I am still a Christian. Being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect. Being a Christian means you ask for forgiveness when you make a mistake, and you try to learn from that mistake. I am not perfect, and I'm sure I will make many more mistakes by the end of the season.