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Everything's Bigger in Texas's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 11.

Hold on to your cowgirl hats, this week's episode was quite a trip. Transplanting the ladies of Orange County to San Antonio led to big shoes, big appetites, and of course big drama. From Alexis revealing her past struggles with an eating disorder to the continued rivalry of "Aleggy" (how has that not been coined before?), this trip was juicier than the food at the Texas BBQ. Oh, and on top of all that, Simon gets arrested when Tamra files a report with the police. Tamra also tackles rogue Simon supporter, Jeana Keough, who's been taking his side in the press. Maybe these two just need a mechanical bull riding contest to settle their differences? Let's see what we can learn from our Real Cowgirls this week.


Just because you're wearing cowboy boots doesn't mean they should be sensible and boring (especially when you're representing the O.C.). Alexis showed us that you should never be afraid to ask for a bigger heel. Who said cowboy boots can't also be stilettos? Well, evidently the boot shop she went to, but consider this an untapped market all you potential shoe line entrepreneurs! The women of the world are desperately crying out for blinged out, super high heeled cowboy boots. Perhaps this is the logical next step for Alexis Couture?

Always, always have a cowboy hat on hand. Who knows when your next trip to Texas, Cabo, or really any tropical vacation spot will present itself. Would you have wanted to be the only girl in that limo without a hat? Didn't think so. But seriously, the O.C. ladies love them some cowboy hats. We've seen every lady wear one at some point this season in colors ranging from black to teal to hot pink. Clearly you can never have too many options. 


Finding "the one" is a tricky business. Each person really has to decide on their own personal priorities and what their deal breakers are. When Gretchen posed the question to the group Peggy and Alexis both chimed in with very different approaches. Peggy had a list of requirements which included that her partner own their own company to allow for the flexibility to travel whenever. Alexis also had a list with 150 questions (though it was never clear how many questions were on Peggy's list) and revealed that because she didn't have to pee every twenty minutes, Jim found her to be the perfect companion. Yes, you read that correctly, and I am just as confused. I guess she meant to convey the importance of being low maintenance? In any event, Gretchen decided that material things weren't on her list. 

Marriages need to adapt and grow over time. That even includes Jim and Alexis' more traditional marriage. Alexis now feels comfortable traveling on her own with her good girlfriends, just so long as they avoid nightclubs and go to a "calm bar with no dancing or hootin' and hollerin'." I'm not sure where the bar the girls went to fell on that spectrum, but I'm fairly certain that some amount of hootin' and holerin' is par for the course when you're getting tossed around by a mechanical bull. So maybe we also learned that sometimes you have to be lenient with the rules. 


Gossip happens, but the one thing you should probably steer clear from getting involved in is divorce drama. Jeana is really poking at a hornets' nest by getting vocal about Tamra and Simon's divorce. Perhaps her Thintervention has made her eager to step in and help those in tough situations like Simon, but as a former Housewife, she should know that Tamra's not the best person to piss off. 

Next week it looks like Gretchen's worries over whether Slade is "the one" get serious: