Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen gives us all the details about planning her parent's anniversary.

on Apr 10, 2011

I was so excited to see this week's episode, because Slade and I had worked so hard to put together this surprise for my parents. I unfortunately was disappointed because it did not even come close to showing everything we had put together for that weekend. I decided to do something big for their forty year anniversary, because you just don't see forty years of marriage that often anymore, and I believed it was something to be celebrated! Since the show wasn't able to show everything that actually happened, let me start by telling you the idea behind the weekend, and then tell you about the details you missed (so it helps you understand what we did better). I feel like it was a little choppy in this episode and might not have made sense what was actually going on. A lot took place so I will tell you all the behind the scenes action at the end of my blog in case you want to read about it. If not just read this first part of this blog.

It was a very sentimental weekend for me, and this episode truly helps you understand why I am hesitant to get married again right now. Seeing my parents so emotional yet so happy during this footage made me cry a lot while watching it. I was beyond happy that everything worked out how I wanted it to (all with Slade's help), and that they were able to celebrate each other and all the amazing memories they created together over the last forty years. I had been planning this for them for close to six months, so to see it all come together was so special to me.

Obviously you see my own personal story play out along side my parents and the struggle I have with being married again. As I have stated before, I have been through more in my thirty-three years of life then some go through in their whole lifetime, therefore I am hesitant to jump back into marriage. Let me be clear on something and set the record straight for all the people that continue to challenge this, it has nothing to do with if I think Slade is the one! I thank God everyday for Slade and the amazing relationship I have with him; I simply have some healing to still do before I jump back into marriage again! I don't know why choosing to listen to my healing heart before jumping back into something is so bad. Maybe if more people did, then we wouldn't have as high of a divorce rate.

I just want to point out that the weekend would not have been the same without all the amazing people that helped make it so wonderful for my parents. I am so grateful to all those who helped make the weekend amazing, like the designer of mom's gown , Larry Welk for personally taking the time to fly in the Pastor to location, Marci and Gary Eberle from, Bruce and Lori Hansen, my parents dear friends, that helped with getting the Mascot outfit for Slade to wear, making the Larry Welk connection happen, and having their daughter take all the behind the scenes pictures the whole time, also La Cresenta Presbyterian Church for allowing us to film inside the church and making that moment extra special for my parents!

Thank you for letting me share a little piece of my life and the reasons why I love my family and my parents so much! They weren't the perfect parents, but they certainly did a great job raising us three kids, and I feel beyond blessed to have the relationship I do with them today. Words cannot express the love and admiration I have for them sticking together for forty years and for being such great role models of what being in an equal partnership and loving each other unconditionally is all about. Despite what I have been through, I believe one day I will be able to have what my parents have had with my partner. They have given me hope for that again.