Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen gives us all the details about planning her parent's anniversary.

on Apr 10, 2011

Now for those of you who are interested, here are the details behind what you missed and the background to what I planned for my parents. If anything maybe it will give you guys ideas of how to plan a wonderful surprise or celebration for someone you love using just memories! (It's budget friendly too that way.)

The idea was to take my parents down memory lane and use my parents' forty years of memories as a means of making a special weekend for them. I had gone up to my old childhood home (when my parents weren't home) and went through my mom's hope chest full of all the memories she had collected over the years of the special events and memories in their lives. It was so special to go through all the things my mom has kept for us kids to go through one day. So many things brought tears to my eyes going through that chest. My mom actually kept the little outfits each one of us kids came home in from the hospital after we were born. She had so many wonderful memories and things in that hope chest, and I feel so blessed to have a mom that thought to keep all those things for us.

This led me to the idea of doing a scavenger hunt down memory lane for them in their hometown where I grew up. I decided to do the three really important milestones in their lives, meeting in high school, getting married, and having three kids.

As I went through the hope chest I found pictures from my parents in high school, and it led me to ask so many questions about who they were back then, how and why they feel in love, and how they have made it work for forty years. Planning this for my parents was so amazing, because I learned so much about them that I didn't even know I didn’t know. You think you know your parents so well because they are your parents, but I realized that there was so much more about them I didn't know, and I learned about their lives (because at the time I was too young to really understand). I encourage everyone to do this one day with their parents.

My parents were high school sweethearts, and mom's first car was a Mustang. She and dad took that car on their honeymoon, and they had a lot of fun memories in that car, so it was a fun element to have as the first piece of our scavenger hunt for them. I knew it would bring back so many memories for them. I wanted them to drive around their hometown of Montrose in that car from location to location remembering how special their marriage and life has been together. The footage doesn't show it, but we had little clues at each location for the next location. The first clue was dangling from the rear view mirror in the car, and it lead to them where they first fell in love... CV High School. It said, "I know being married for forty years can be a hassle, drive to the place where you got your first tassle," When they arrived at their high school, Slade was actually there dressed up as the high school mascot and was in the center of the football field with flowers and their next clue. I had found out that my mom was the mascot for CV, so I thought that would be fun to see the old outfit she wore every weekend. I took video of that moment, and I would love for you to see that at my site It was so funny and cute!