Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen dishes on the past two episodes and her relationship with Slade.

on Jun 8, 2011

Hi Bravo fans!

Sorry for the delay in my finale episode blog and for missing a blog from the last episode! I have been so busy with work and traveling, so unfortunately I have to prioritize the most important things I need to focus on. It feels like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done! Lots to talk about after missing two weeks of episodes, so my blog is a bit longer this week.

First let's get right into it with the episode from two weeks ago (Alexis's Fashion show), since so many have requested to hear my side of the story in regards to the Vicki and the hospital situation. You saw my first reaction to Vicki being in the hospital and not my reaction after I had been given more information. For the record I would never be upset about someone going into the hospital. That is just ridiculous and would not match up with who I am as a person. Of course I was concerned the second I heard she went to the hospital, unfortunately my true concern turned into me questioning the validity of the situation due to the events that happened quickly after the news. Here are some of the reasons things started to a look a little suspicious to me. First off Tamra states that Vicki has been having this issue of bleeding for close to two months now, which immediately makes me question why she never went to hospital before today. (This is why you hear me say that I found it ironic that at 2PM on a Thursday right when Alexis's event was supposed to happen, she decides she needs to go.) Second we start to see Tamra be so dramatic with her gasps and OMGs for the first thirty minutes of Alexis' fashion show (of course taking away from the event) regarding everything that is happening to Vicki. But she is not concerned enough to excuse herself to go the hospital. To me those two things just don't go hand in hand. First and foremost, if that was my friend, I would have politely excused myself and gone to the hospital. Secondly I wouldn't want to take away from another person's event that they had spent so much time planning. Then Vicki starts to send photos of herself with her IV in her arm and updates every two minutes about her condition, knowing full well we are filming. To me it is selfish knowing that by sending these constant updates and pictures while filming for Alexis' event, everyone will be talking about her and her condition now. I mean come on! Because Tamra did not excuse herself when her self proclaimed best friend was rushed to the emergency room and was in such a bad condition (as all her texts and pictures and gasps were trying to convey), it made me wonder how truly dire the situation was. Only after all these events did I start to question what was going on. More than anything, if Tamra was truly concerned about Vicki, as she so desperately wanted us all to believe, I would certainly think she wouldn't have stayed and continued drinking at the bar after the fashion show with Fernanda. To me it looked liked the minute cameras went down she was having a good old time and didn't seem too worried about her friend anymore.