Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen dispels any rumors about Slade and talks about her business.

on May 10, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Sorry this is a day late, but I was traveling for work and did not get a chance to write this until last night. This week's episode was fun for me to watch and had a lot of deep meaning for Slade and I, and where we are in our lives. Therefore this week I am going to focus my blog on our story line and not discuss the other scenes that I was not involved in. Although, I think it was fun to see all of the women in our own elements with no cat fighting for one week! Thank goodness!  

Slade and I actually work really well together, although we tend to bicker a lot about the funniest and silliest things. That's our way of communicating sometimes. As you can see, I am a very happy go lucky girl, but when it comes to business, I am very assertive and I am clear about how certain things are going to run. Slade is a great support system and gets that about me, so he never takes offense to my demeanor. He has told me many times that he actually finds it very sexy and refreshing for a woman to be so sure of what she wants and how things are going to be run. It's funny because that is the exact same thing that Jeff said attracted him to me as well. Secure men love secure women. Slade and I are very secure in who we are and in our commitment and love for each other. I really wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished this past year without his extra help and support.  He is an amazing man, and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Now that's not to say he hasn't hit some hard circumstances in these past few years. The show unfortunately cannot tell the whole story in the short eight minutes or so an episode we are on, and therefore I will try to summarize this complicated situation here. When Slade's son got sick, his focus was on keeping him alive and being with him.  It went from working everyday to being in the hospital every day back then. This is something that Slade and I can truly relate to each other about. I did the same thing when Jeff got sick. I walked away from my thriving real estate career to be by Jeff's side while he spent close to nine months in the hospital. When a family member gets sick, the only thing that seems to matter anymore is spending time with them and getting them well. Work certainly does not seem like a priority anymore. I honestly think Slade has just been so depressed about his son's illness for a while now, and in some ways it has kept him from being everything he is capable of being. The medical bills seem endless, and it seems impossible to ever catch up with it all. When Slade realized that all his hard work of 18 years in the title business had been lost because of his time away with his son, I think his world crumbled financially, emotionally, and mentally, as you see him humbly address in this episode. It was a hard knock for him and a wake-up call.  

Watching the show sometimes is like therapy; back when I encouraged Slade to sell his paintings I can now truly see why he gets discouraged. He ultimately knows that selling his paintings is probably not going to cover the expenses that he has for Grayson. Slade also is keenly aware that his time is best spent looking for work that can actually pay a decent amount of money to get caught up on his obligations and medical bills that continue to come in for Grayson. Not just a job that pays $5 an hour as some of the other women suggested needed to happen.