Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen dispels any rumors about Slade and talks about her business.

on May 10, 2011

We thankfully did so well that we went back into production and sold almost completely through all of the handbags again on my personal website! Actually there has been so much demand for the Balboa Pearlized Leather Tote (you guys saw this piece in the first episode during my hosting class -- it was light pink) that we have decided to give everyone that keeps requesting how to get one a shot at getting their hands on the very last three in the collection (two champagne and one coral color) by opening bidding on my E-Bay store today!

We are currently working on the new collection, and as we continue to grow I look forward to bringing you all things a woman can find in her closet! What a great honor it has been to bring the fans what they have asked from me. I have truly enjoyed building this lifestyle brand that is affordable and driven by the fans requests. Please continue to send me your thoughts, requests, and ideas to fans at  Thank you for all your input (even criticism, because it helps me make it even better), support, and encouragement as I continue down this path of making my dreams a reality within the fashion and beauty spaces. 

Until next week!


Gretchen Christine and @gretchenrossi on Twitter