Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen gives her take on each of member of the cast.

on Jun 14, 2011

Tamra (oh boy, you know there is a lot here to address)

Fact: She is always in everyone else's business, yet has the audacity to be furious with Jeana when she gets into her business.

Fact: Tamra never even met Jeff, never saw us together or interact, never knew anything about our relationship, never came to the hospital, and never had met the guy that called her in the middle of the night. Yet she claims she had every right to have an opinion, make false accusations, claim I was being paid by Jeff, that I was a gold-digger, and continuously insert herself into my situation.

Fact: Jeana spent a lot of time with Tamra and Simon together and never saw signs of Simon being abusive towards Tamra.

Fact: Tamra has never spent any time with Slade and his son, and has never met Grayson or his mother Michelle. 

Fact: There is no good reason for Tamra to have inserted herself into Slade and Michelle's situation regarding Grayson

Fact: Slade received texts from Michelle confirming that Tamra reached out to her.

Ironic Fact: We then see Tamra calling Michelle on the reunion show…again