Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen gives her take on each of member of the cast.

on Jun 14, 2011

Fact: Tamra does not know anything about Slade's financial contribution towards child support, expenses, or medical expenses when it comes to Gray.  She has never attempted to verify with Slade what she had been told, she just ran with what she was told by someone else. 

Fact: Slade would be in jail if he negligently didn't pay child support and had the means too. 

Fact: Her truth is only based off of hearsay.

Fact: Michelle states on the phone that Slade has never contributed to Grayson's expenses. Notice she does not state "Child Support" which is what Tamra is accusing Slade of not paying. 

Fact: I challenge any news outlet, Tamra, or anyone that has balls enough to get the correct information about this support issue out there to ask for proof and documentation regarding payments and contributions to Grayson and his mother.  Slade will have no problem disclosing those documents.

Fact: Grayson's mother is constantly denying Slade from seeing his son despite his continuous email requests.  Again I challenge any news outlet to post and review the hundreds of emails  from Slade requesting to see Grayson and the constant denial from his mother.

Fact: Slade has a job as a consultant and has worked for many different companies. The income comes and goes just like a real estate agent goes from listing to listing.  Commission based jobs usually are that way, and I would think Tamra would know this. So what does she do for work again, besides getting into others' business?

Fact: Tamra did not even sell her own house.  If she was a practicing real estate agent, wouldn't she sell her own house?

Fact: Tamra judges Slade as a parent, yet she is the one in the bathtub naked with her new boyfriend before she is even divorced.