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Just the Facts

Gretchen gives her take on each of member of the cast.

I think the reunion depicts clearly how I feel about everything.  However I think a blog with just the facts is the best way to sum up how I feel about everything. 


Fact: Jim and Alexis are still married. Tamra and Vicki are getting divorced

Fact: Jim and Alexis have a loving, traditional relationship. Vicki never seemed to be respectful or truly loving towards Donn from the footage we watched all these years, and Tamra stated that she and Simon had a very tumultuous relationship the entire time they were married.

Fact: Alexis and I are great friends, but we will not make excuses for each other's bad behavior, and we will call each other out. 


Fact: She had a lot to say about my relationship with Jeff, but never met him and never spent any time with him and I together.

Fact: She never came to the hospital and obviously did not care that my fiancé was dying, however she expects everyone to have compassion and feel bad for her and her situation when she went to the hospital.

Fact: Jeff died, Vicki went back to work the next day.

Fact: I was the ONLY person that showed up in the hospital when Vicki was there.

Fact:  Her "concerned" friend Tamra stayed and drank at the bar with Fernanda after the fashion show and never even went to the hospital. When cameras went down she no longer seemed so concerned. 

Fact: Although Vicki hasn't always been nice to me, I actually like Vicki and wish her nothing but happiness and the best for her future.

Tamra (oh boy, you know there is a lot here to address)

Fact: She is always in everyone else's business, yet has the audacity to be furious with Jeana when she gets into her business.

Fact: Tamra never even met Jeff, never saw us together or interact, never knew anything about our relationship, never came to the hospital, and never had met the guy that called her in the middle of the night. Yet she claims she had every right to have an opinion, make false accusations, claim I was being paid by Jeff, that I was a gold-digger, and continuously insert herself into my situation.

Fact: Jeana spent a lot of time with Tamra and Simon together and never saw signs of Simon being abusive towards Tamra.

Fact: Tamra has never spent any time with Slade and his son, and has never met Grayson or his mother Michelle. 

Fact: There is no good reason for Tamra to have inserted herself into Slade and Michelle's situation regarding Grayson

Fact: Slade received texts from Michelle confirming that Tamra reached out to her.

Ironic Fact: We then see Tamra calling Michelle on the reunion show…again

Fact: Tamra does not know anything about Slade's financial contribution towards child support, expenses, or medical expenses when it comes to Gray.  She has never attempted to verify with Slade what she had been told, she just ran with what she was told by someone else. 

Fact: Slade would be in jail if he negligently didn't pay child support and had the means too. 

Fact: Her truth is only based off of hearsay.

Fact: Michelle states on the phone that Slade has never contributed to Grayson's expenses. Notice she does not state "Child Support" which is what Tamra is accusing Slade of not paying. 

Fact: I challenge any news outlet, Tamra, or anyone that has balls enough to get the correct information about this support issue out there to ask for proof and documentation regarding payments and contributions to Grayson and his mother.  Slade will have no problem disclosing those documents.

Fact: Grayson's mother is constantly denying Slade from seeing his son despite his continuous email requests.  Again I challenge any news outlet to post and review the hundreds of emails  from Slade requesting to see Grayson and the constant denial from his mother.

Fact: Slade has a job as a consultant and has worked for many different companies. The income comes and goes just like a real estate agent goes from listing to listing.  Commission based jobs usually are that way, and I would think Tamra would know this. So what does she do for work again, besides getting into others' business?

Fact: Tamra did not even sell her own house.  If she was a practicing real estate agent, wouldn't she sell her own house?

Fact: Tamra judges Slade as a parent, yet she is the one in the bathtub naked with her new boyfriend before she is even divorced.

Fact: Tamra states on the reunion that when she has the kids they are with her, yet Tamra's own actions this season contradict this. When it was her week to have the kids, she instead ran off to Spain with her boyfriend and didn't even let Simon know she was leaving the kids with her mom. 

Fact: Tamra claims she is so happy and in a better place, but all season we see her angry and bitter towards others, volatile, and actually becoming violent with Jeana. We see her talking crap, make accusations again, and bad mouthing people.

Fact: Tamra proves over and over again that she is a malicious person with evil intent by always meddling in someone else's business when she thinks it could make them look bad and deflect from her bad behavior.

Fact: Tamra claims she is not obsessed with me, but seems to know everything about my life and what Slade and I are doing every week, by saying things like, "Just follow him on Twitter and you will see he is with Gretchen everywhere." I'm sorry last time I checked most couples do things together. Why is she following us on Twitter? We don't follow her.

Fact: Tamra has admitted to having google alerts on our names, and my fans are always letting me know that she is constantly posting about Slade and I on her Facebook page or re-posts nasty things that come out in the press about us.

Fact: Tamra cannot take what she dishes out, and always runs and deflects when she gets addressed with her own stuff. 

Fact: Tamra has burned and alienated Simon, Jeana, Alexis, Jim, me, Slade, Vicki (last year), and Fernanda this year.  So my question is how can we all be wrong about her?

Fact: (Just for fun) Tamra does not even know how to say "cease and desist" correctly.

Fact: Tamra proves over and over again that she is a hypocrite, a liar, and now has proven through the reunion show that she delusional about all of it.  

Fact:  A true sign of character is when one recognizes their mistake and moves on in a positive direction.

Fact: I could go on and on and on, but it's just a waste of time, because she will never get it.

Fact: I sincerely feel sorry for her.


Fact: She and I have always gotten along and I have no issues with her except that she does not hold Tamra accountable to the same standards that Tamra holds everyone else too.


Fact: I am not perfect and I make mistakes.

Fact: I have tried to learn from them and make better decisions.

Fact: I decided that I would be assertive towards those who have treated me poorly in the past.

Fact: I have tried over and over with Tamra to help her understand why I am upset and what it would take to make things right between us.

Fact: Tamra has never sincerely apologized on this show for her actions towards me and the accusations that she has made that affected not only me, but my family and Jeff's children.

Fact: I have forgiven her so I can move forward myself, but I will not forget until she takes the proper steps to make it right and admit she had no knowledge or business talking about something she did not know anything about.

Fact: I do not blame Tamra for any of my poor decisions. I blame her for making false accusations.

Fact:  Slade and I have received multiple phone calls, texts, emails, tweets and messages with information regarding Tamra, her past, and her dirty laundry. However we do not even care enough to bring it up or try to go on a rampage to ruin her reputation or family just because someone has reached out to us. 

Fact: Alimony and child support in this economy is a difficult subject. People shouldn't judge the victims of our country's issues, they should be calling out to their leaders.  When the economy changes your lifestyle, sometimes you can't control it. I know many people who changed tax brackets recently and had to go to court to adjust child support and alimony.  That does not make them a bad parent; it makes them real about the effects of this economy.

Fact: I love Slade and he is an amazing loving father. Just ask Grayson or Gavin (his oldest son).

Fact: I am so over this show and glad this season it is done for now.  The drama, the fights, and the backstabbing is not how my friendships are in my day-to-day life, and I am so grateful for that.

Fact:  I have a grounded wonderful group of family and friends that support and love me for me. I have amazing and loyal fans that have stuck by me and appreciate me living authentically through this show no matter how hard it is at times.

That's about it when it comes to the reunion! 

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Till next time! 

Thanks again for all the support and love this season! Love you guys!


Gretchen Christine

Lizzie on That Kentucky Fried Nickname

Lizzie weighs in on Tamra's nickname for her -- and opens up about her body issues.

We have finally made it to the Reunion and I am happy to say I survived my first season of Housewives. . .Well almost. Next week is Part 2 of the Reunion and I have to admit I pretty much left in tears. I am not a large part of this week’s reunion, but I would like to take this week’s blog and focus on female bullying and body image. As women, I think it is our job to build each other up. We are all mothers, sisters, and daughters. There are so many body image issues among young women and I write this blog for any woman who has had insecurities about her body. If it talks to any of you than it will not have been a waste of time.

I am sure everyone is aware of Tamra's nickname for me, "Kentucky Fried Titties." When I first heard her call me this I thought, "Nah, I won’t even give it energy."  It really is trashy and frankly low-class. However, it was a trigger for me and it really touched on something that I had been self conscious of for my entire life. It sounded exactly like the pre-pubescent boys in my middle school P.E. class. "Hey Lizzie, can I get some fries with that shake." The girls would snicker, "Lizzie's sprouting!!" I grew up hearing a lot of derogatory names targeted at my large chest. I was the girl in fourth and fifth grade that cried when friends had pool parties and wore T-shirts over my swimsuit to cover up my chest. My mom's friends would laugh and say, "One day you will love your assets." But I was always self-conscious.

I grew up dancing and cheerleading and finding uniforms and dance recital costumes was always such a struggle for me. I literally thought about quitting just because of my boobs -- I was so self-conscious and embarrassed. Thank goodness I have such a loving mother that made me feel so much more important than that and didn't let me walk away from something I loved because of body image issues. Even when I started competing in beauty pageants the swimsuit competition was a big thing for me to over come. Some mothers assumed my mom bought me implants at 15. My boobs have always been "up for discussion." At Miss Teen USA, I had to have a special seamstress come in and sew cups in my BodyGlove competition suit because I was bouncing all over when I walked. When I competed in Miss USA, I also had to call in a special seamstress to alter my competition bikini top so it fit my little back and large chest. And, as many of you naturally larger chested women know; real boobs do not "stay put." After I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career I found myself victim to my large chest yet again. I would only be called in for "Hot Girl #2" and roles like that. How could anyone take me seriously with these 34DDD natural boobs at age 21? I had a college degree. I graduated top of my class, I was so much more than "Hot Girl #2", or so I thought.


At age 23, I couldn’t take it anymore, I cried enough over being insecure about my body. It was time to do something about it. I talked to my mom and she took me for my first breast reduction. It was the best thing I ever did. I felt free! It felt so great to go swimsuit shopping and to buy dresses that I didn't have to wear a minimizing bra with! I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am 5'7" and I always had boobs, so one thing I didn't want to do is get rid of them completely. I still wanted to feel like me and keep some of my natural curves. Perhaps going 34D wasn't small enough or maybe I just have incredible growing breast tissue. Whatever the case, my boobs were huge again six years later. I decided to have another breast reduction right before my wedding. I was the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. . .and then I had kids. So, now I have very large boobs again. I will probably get another reduction when I am done having children, but we want more kids so now is not the time. I guess God wants me to have big boobs! So, excuse me everyone for finally embracing my body.

I know some of you are probably thinking, "Oh poor Lizzie and her big boobs." But it was a real thing to me and I think as women we all struggle with insecurities. We have all struggled with body image issues at least one time in our lives. I have always been a big believer in beauty shining from within. Think about it. How many people do you know that have such beautiful personalities that it shines through and makes me them even more gorgeous human beings? How easy is it to overlook an attractive person who is mean and ugly inside? People start looking like their personalities sooner or later.

How does all this translate into adult female relationships? I think there are many similarities. I think it has a lot to do with self-esteem, acceptance, and respect for others.

I am sure there are tons of people that applaud Tamra for her name calling of me, or of Alexis when Tamra coined the term "Jesus Jugs." I see nothing more than a 47-year-old bully when I see Tamra. I see bullying. Tamra didn't just call me a name in a fit of anger. She made up the name and announced in her interview. Later, she announced on Watch What Happens Live. My question is why? Why is she so proud of this name? (Which, I have to be honest, I have heard before, it’s not even original.) What kind of message does this send to young women? I don't have girls, but I have nieces and I would never want to teach them to be "mean girls." This may seem trite, but I always felt sorry for the bully. Why do they act like that? It always seemed like bullies have a difficult time connecting with people in meaningful ways and thus use relationships for manipulation. Look, if we can put someone on TV and afford them fortune and fame for being a bully, we are exalting that poor behavior, and sadly we as a society give it life.

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