Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen tackles Alexis' comments and sounds off on the bathtub scene.

on Mar 20, 2011

Wow I feel like a lot happened in the episode! So I'm sorry upfront if this blog is long, but there's lots to discuss and this show is successful because it is based off of having opinions!

I hadn't seen Alexis since Tamra's party, and I thought it would be a cute way to break the ice by wearing a crown. I wanted her to see that I was able to make fun of myself, and that maybe I was a little too sensitive to her comment. Alexis and I in my kitchen had a very heartfelt conversation, and Alexis understood where I was coming from much better once I explained why I took such offense to her comment. We both apologized to each other and then moved on.

I was excited to show Alexis my new car! Paul Passero from Newport Coast Auto helped me find the car I wanted! He got me the best deal and the car had all the bells and whistles! If you are in the market for a new car be sure to call him (949-515-0800), he is awesome and not a pain in the a-- like a dealership! Check out his website: Anyone that reads my license plate, “This is what a princess looks like," can see my dry sense of humor! Gold digger? Princess? Really? Last time I checked those kinds of girls don't like to work, and certainly aren't buying themselves new cars! If people are going to judge me, I might as well have fun with it!

Going shopping with Alexis and Peggy was a lot of fun. However, it was interesting to hear Alexis keep saying in her interviews, "Oh I hope Gretchen doesn't cause drama,"over and over again. It was off base to me, because she acts like she hasn't ever caused drama or been a part of drama in the group. I remember a lot of drama between her and Vicki, and this season with some of the other wives. Life is drama, no matter what! Sometimes you just don't jive with someone, and that is OK. I think most drama between women can be silly and ridiculous, however I refuse to be fake or not speak my mind about things, especially when asked a direct question (i.e. Tamra asking me at her party if I thought she was an evil bitch). I just answered honestly. If she didn't want the answer then don't ask. If Alexis thinks choosing not to be fake and telling someone to their face how and I feel and not behind their back is drama, well I just don't agree.