Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen explains why she's hesitant to jump back into marriage.

on Mar 28, 2011

Welcome back for Episode 4!

I think it was courageous of Peggy to come out and talk about her postpartum and the issues and struggles she has had with that. I know that is a very sensitive topic and a lot of moms suffer from this. I can only hope by her talking about it, it will encourage a lot of other mothers who are secretly suffering to realize it is OK, it's normal, and you can get past it. We all struggle with something in our lives. The more honest and real we can be about those things, those mistakes, and those tribulations the more we can grow as people and be the best we can be.  Some days I wonder if being on this show is worth it, because of all the scrutiny, false press at times, and judgments about the way we choose to live our lives, but then when I receive emails from so many people saying that they can relate to my situation or thanking me for sharing my story because it really helped them, I know it is worth it. I hope this is the case with Peggy's struggle as well.   

I think Tamra and Vicki's trip was hilarious and made me laugh a lot. It was fun to see them get along with no backstabbing going on. I'm proud of Vicki for sticking to her guns regarding Tamra stabbing her in the back and saying she was owed an apology. I don’t think Tamra had her back as she always claimed to. That is honestly part of the reason I never trusted Tamra. If she was willing to do the things and say the things she said about her "friends," I knew she was capable of other things with people she didn't like. To be honest Vicki and Tamra's relationship is very confusing to me at times. As an outsider looking in, I don't believe they have the most authentic friendship, however I hope that the "truths" between them can remain true. Unfortunately, Tamra has become transparent to me. She says she has changed and is in a better place and doesn't have time for the fighting anymore.  However in previews to come you see her flip out on Jeana and even throw wine in her face, we see he being a "friend" to Alexis' face but saying some pretty harsh things about her marriage behind her back, and now saying things about her desire to start a dress line. Tamra claims she said things and did things because of Simon and the place she was in her marriage, but Simon is gone now and she continues to be that same woman. I continue to see her project all her own issues onto everyone else around her. She tells Alexis that Jim is just like Simon, and that they are headed for divorce, and in this episode we see her encouraging  Vicki to flirt with the man in the pool  stating, "He is your soulmate," when she is still married to Donn.

I actually really wanted to make amends with Tamra, because I think she is a fun girl, but unfortunately the more I see who she really is, the more I question what value she would bring to me life. I am happy and content in my life right now, I have thriving businesses, an amazing family, meaningful friendships, and a quality relationship with Slade. Unfortunately besides her being just fun, I think I would be signing up for:  

1. Talking badly about others 

2. A bad influence 

3. A backstabbing friendship  

No thanks! Check please!