Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen addresses her comments about Slade and the mace joke controversy.

on Apr 17, 2011

Finally, we come to the last scene of the show. Last week a certain cast member stated that she would not use her blog or the press like two of her other cast members to talk badly about anyone, however it has become beyond apparent she feels it is OK to use an international television show that is seen by 360 million people worldwide to do so instead! Ha, that is so laughable! Can you say hypocrite! You seriously have to love this cast member's excuses, it kind of makes me realize how wacky she really is. Unfortunately, because she likes to talk about us every episode, it creates the desire to address her statements here in our blogs or when asked about it in the press. Also, again, remember we are asked to discuss and state our opinion of what takes place in each episode in our blogs every week.

This week we see a certain cast member claim her actions were just a joke over and over again, however when anyone else does something that is meant to be just a joke, it is so out of line. How can she say it was so wrong for someone to do something in her house (i.e. boyfriend's house) and supposedly ruin her party, but it was suddenly OK when she does the same type of thing at Alexis' party? (Oh and what standards or party etiquette is she living up to when she throws wine on Jeana at Vicki's party? What's the difference there I wonder? Unfortunately, her rules apply to everyone else but herself.)

Now since it is brought up in this episode, let's revisit her party. When the woman at her party said the evil eye is to protect you from evil spirits, I was simply making a joke when I said oh perfect it can protect me from her. Actually if you watch that footage you hear everyone laugh. Her own guests got that it was just a joke, and I was even laughing when I said it. The truth is she is the one that got all sensitive to my joke, (as she ironically is accusing Alexis of being too sensitive to her joke in this episode). She was the one that actually couldn't just take the joke and elevated the situation by aggressively confronting me in front of all her guests. Oh, and just to be clear since she seems to have amnesia as to what actually happened, she came out to me used the words "evil bitch." As stated above, I never used those words in my joke, but if the shoe fits I guess.

Also I want to address a comment that I keep seeing. The first couple of seasons when I just let everything roll off my back, everyone was encouraging me that I needed to stick up for myself more and give the women a piece of my mind. Now I've finally done that this year, and I've seen some people say I've changed. Simply put, I am much more assertive to those who have treated me poorly. I am simply stating my truth in an assertive and truthful way. If sticking up for myself and not allowing someone to treat me poorly just because I am nice means I have changed, then I am happy I have changed!