Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen addresses her comments about Slade and the mace joke controversy.

on Apr 17, 2011

During the argument with Alexis, we see this cast member claim she is a loyal friend. (I'm sorry, are we all watching the same show?) Saying hurtful and really terrible things about almost every other cast member/"friend" on the show does not make you a loyal friend, it makes you the mean girl. More than anything, how can someone laugh about another person's home possibly going into foreclosure? To me that is one of the saddest things you could see a family, especially one with children, have to go through. I have seen so many of my friends and families lose their homes during this difficult economic time, and it was no laughing matter. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. When I saw this cast member laugh about someone else's hardship, it made my skin crawl. How gross and malicious can one be? Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse after what she said about me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this certain cast member lose their home also? How can she laugh at another, yet cry on camera about how horrible it was for them? Then to follow up by saying, "I don't want to be the mean girl anymore"... Newsflash, if you don't want to be that girl, then stop running your mouth and being so damn mean!

Jim and Alexis did not lose their home to foreclosure thank goodness, and the bank actually apologized for the incorrect information that was disseminated into the press. It seems other cast members only want to speak about the bad or incorrect press, but aren't too quick to talk about the truth once it is revealed. Shady! If there is one thing I have learned about Alexis these last few years it is that she will make her own decision (even when it comes to her husband). She doesn't need to "metamorphose" into me to see a person who isn't being a real friend and is talking smack about her. Never once in the footage have you seen me try to convince either Alexis or Peggy not to be friends with someone. However when asked (like at the dinner with Peggy and Micah), I will answer honestly in regards to my own experience with someone. I want everyone to come to their own conclusions. Alexis without my help has come to her own conclusion. Someone that continues to find excuses for their bad behavior (one week it was her ex that made her act the way she did to someone, this week it's my fault Alexis has changed towards her), maybe should just take a look at themselves and realize it's just them.

Despite all this that I know a lot of you already see, and even though a lot of you believe I had every right to act out at her party because I was fed up with someone being so hypocritical and treating people so poorly for so long, I must take responsibility for my own actions, and if my joke was hurtful, then I apologize.

I've learned no matter how people treat you, you have to stay positive, get those poisonous people and things out of your life, stay focused on your goals, and it will all fall into place. The bottom feeders who try to tear you down will ultimately self-destruct.

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Gretchen Christine