Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen thinks the ladies need to lay off her and Slade.

on May 2, 2011

At the end of the day whatever these women have to say about my relationship with Slade is almost laughable. Aren't they the ones that are in the middle of divorces and were miserable in their marriage, yet they have to balls to make fun of my man being supportive of me, my business ventures, and having my back. Isn't that what their marriages were lacking the most? Their husbands had jobs and money at the time and look how far that got them, to the road of unhappiness. Unlike them, I am actually happy for them if they are out of unsupportive and miserable marriages. I want every woman to be happy like I am in my relationship. It is the greatest thing in the world to have a man that loves you for you unconditionally and fully, is your rock and support system, and emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually fulfills you. Notice I didn't say financially, that is not important to me. Money will come and go and I can make my own money, but real friendships and true love is hard to find so I value it so much.  

Tamra claims she is happy, but I'm not sure I am buying it. She still gets a kick out of seeing others down and out (we continue to see this week after week) as she literally smiles at someone else's hardships or acts like she's five and comes running up to the door to listen in on someone else's pain. I find it hard to believe that someone that is truly happy finds the time to look up stuff on the internet about others and continuously talk trash about other people's hardships in such a manner that it makes you wonder if she is happy they are going through it. If I wasn't happy I too might be on the internet all day looking to find some dirt on someone else so I could feel better about myself, but I don't because I have other things going on in my life. I'm focused on building my future through my companies, building a lasting relationship with Slade, and building those relationships that mean the most to me. I spend my time with my loved ones, especially when the loved ones like Gray might only have limited time with us here. I can only hope and pray one day Tamra can find that kind of happiness and love in her own life and stop hating herself so much that she has to tear so many others down along the way. 

On another note my appearance in Addison, Texas was a blast, and I want to thank everyone that came out to say hello that night! It was such a pleasure to meet you all! I look forward to my travels to Jacksonville, Florida on Friday night May 6th, and then to Columbus, Ohio on Saturday May 7th, to continue to meet all the wonderful fans out there! Stay in touch with me through Facebook, Ttwitter, or my personal website as well!,, 

Till next week,


Gretchen Christine