Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses the difference between her fight with Tamra and her fight with Alexis.

on Mar 7, 2011

Hi everyone!

So excited to be back for Season 6! I have to start off by saying thank you to all our loyal and amazing fans! Real Housewives of Orange County seems to continue to be a favorite, and I am very grateful for the support of everyone as we share our very personal lives through TV. I had a fun season filming, and I think this season is going to be a very entertaining and interesting season to watch!

I loved all the individual footage of each of us ladies and what we personally have going on in our lives. Alexis with her kids was hilarious, I love how her little girl lost all her “accessories privileges.” We see Tamra being a “free bitch,” and Vicki and Don’s usual run around (Did you notice the dog chasing its own tail?). Too funny! You also see me continuing to build my mini empire if you will.

I launched my make-up line last season, and this season you continue to see me grow the “Gretchen Christine” brand. For me the launch of the Gretchen Christine Collection was very exciting! I started with handbags, but plan on expanding it to all the things a girl can find in her closet; from shoes, to hats, to clothes, casual wear and accessories!

Hosting has been a great experience for me these past few years! I really love hosting, and I hope to continue in this space long after our show is over. I have been asked to host a lot of events, shows, and had a lot of great opportunities lately, but I really wanted to get some extra training when it came to going on a home shopping network with my line. I went on Shop NBC for the first time this past July! I was so nervous, but Marki is a great coach. She helped calm my nerves and made me confident for my first one hour live appearance (you can see me on-air at Going to Marki Costello has really help build my career as a host, and I look forward to many more opportunities within this space. Shop NBC was very successful and as a first time brand on the network we sold 83% through! I was so happy to see all my hard work for the past year paying off!