Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses the difference between her fight with Tamra and her fight with Alexis.

on Mar 7, 2011

And just to set the record straight, I did not just slap my Gretchen Christine logo on some bags as Vicki so harshly tried to tear my business down… again. I created, designed, and personally picked the leather and all the details for all my bags. It took me over eight months to create my pearlized leather collection. I worked with the head designer of my manufacturer and created the bags from scratch based off my own personally drawings of what I wanted. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I definitely know how I wanted the bags to look and feel! If Vicki thinks she could start a handbag line as if it is so easy, I challenge her to go ahead and try. Honestly I don’t care if Vicki isn’t buying one of my Gretchen Christine handbags, because I didn’t make it for her! I made it for all my fans and customers that love the Gretchen Christine brand and that continue to request more designs and products from me. I love giving my fans and customers what they ask for!

I have gotten nothing but great reviews and we had such great success on Shop NBC that we went back into production of some of the most popular styles to sell on my website We have now sold almost all of them out again with only a few styles left. You might have also seen Kristin Cavallari in the weekly’s rocking one of my clutches on the red carpet for the finale of the Hills! That was very exciting for me and my brand Gretchen Christine!

This is now the second business venture that Vicki has said something negative about. I wonder why she continues to talk badly about my businesses? I only wish her well with her business ventures. She said anyone can just slap their name on a handbag, which is far from the truth, but last I checked anyone can just go online and get their license to be an insurance agent? Isn’t that what Vicki does?

Now let’s get to the juicy footage regarding Tamra's party. As you can see, Tamra calling me and asking me to come to her party really took me off-guard. Her and I had not talked in months, and I was obviously not expecting her call. However the conversation between us was very authentic and funny, because you see my true reaction to her all of sudden being nice and wanting to be friendly with me. I sincerely did not believe she had turned over a new leaf, because of the many times this had happened between us before. I was honest and told her the verdict was still out if I wanted to come or not before we hung up.