Peggy Tanous

Peggy shares her thoughts on her first reunion and the end of her friendship with Alexis.

on Jun 14, 2011

Well here we are at the end of the reunion. What a roller coaster. It's sad to see how much anger and denial comes out at these reunions. 

It was an exciting first year for me, and I've loved being a part of this fun, dramatic, and growing franchise. It flew by! I'm excited to have some time off now to enjoy being a full time mommy again and pursue some exciting new hosting opportunities!

My thoughts on the reunion. Where do I start? I was probably more quiet than needed, but I really don't like confrontation or petty talk that doesn't concern me. After watching it as a spectator however, I definitely have more to say! 

I first want to address Vicki and Donn. It was so hard to see their relationship fall apart. I know how important family is to Vicki, and I know she wanted it to work, but they were at different places in their lives and were not respecting each other anymore. It was hard watching Donn give his interview, as you could see his pain. I'm happy Vicki has found a new man that is filling up her love tank, and I hope Donn finds a woman that can fill up his love tank as well. We can all learn from this and remember it takes work on both sides to make the relationship thrive!