Peggy Tanous

Peggy shares her thoughts on her first reunion and the end of her friendship with Alexis.

on Jun 14, 2011

Funny how she brushed off the subject of me and Jim earlier, but then brought it back up later. Seems I must have struck a cord. Then Jim was texting her ridiculous accusations about me. Jim's hilarious text to her only proves he definitely took things with me more seriously than I ever did. I never considered us having a "relationship" that one of us even needed to end, so sorry, Alexis, but I wasn't dumped! From what I remember Jim was controlling and egotistical. Something you all clearly see on the show, so I'm glad I didn't spend much time or energy on him. It makes me wonder how many guys I only went to dinner with that might have also thought we had a full on relationship. Too funny! Jim is the last person on earth I would ever "stalk" as Alexis put it. Doesn't she remember what I said on Watch What Happens Live! For me it was one of those embarrassing moments you don't want to admit. Looks like she is not the only delusional person in her family. 

She also keeps bringing up my chef's dinner party. Get over it already. So I asked where Jim was? Wow, stop the presses! On the reunion I was at a loss of words, because it was all so insignificant, but for the record we never spoke before my party as to why she was coming alone. A classy person would call the host to decline. You also would call and ask permission to bring another guest. She texted me and told me she was bringing Dylan. Very rude. She and Gretchen both should have come together, and I could have invited another couple! I had to text her three times that week to finally get a response Thursday night via a text back only stating she was bringing Dylan and not Jim. She never stated Why, which is why I asked where he was. Regardless of that, she is the one who made a ridiculous scene and tried to ruin the party and in her words "get her camera time." Yet she thinks Tamra acted inappropriately at her dress preview party over Vicki's text? Hello, what she did at my party was far worse! This just again shows her immaturity and why our friendship is over. I am sad the way it all played out, but I know we are just too different and at different points in our lives. 

Lastly, I want to address Gretchen and Slade. I hope they find what works for them! Gretchen seems in such turmoil over their relationship. They have a fun loving and good working relationship, but I can empathize with her fears. For any of you also questioning your relationships, whenever I feel stuck, I find if you trust in your instincts you will always choose the right path. Another interesting thought is one of Micah's, "The more time you spend with the wrong person, the more likely you will be to miss meeting the right person."