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A Roller Coaster

Peggy shares her thoughts on her first reunion and the end of her friendship with Alexis.

Well here we are at the end of the reunion. What a roller coaster. It's sad to see how much anger and denial comes out at these reunions. 

It was an exciting first year for me, and I've loved being a part of this fun, dramatic, and growing franchise. It flew by! I'm excited to have some time off now to enjoy being a full time mommy again and pursue some exciting new hosting opportunities!

My thoughts on the reunion. Where do I start? I was probably more quiet than needed, but I really don't like confrontation or petty talk that doesn't concern me. After watching it as a spectator however, I definitely have more to say! 

I first want to address Vicki and Donn. It was so hard to see their relationship fall apart. I know how important family is to Vicki, and I know she wanted it to work, but they were at different places in their lives and were not respecting each other anymore. It was hard watching Donn give his interview, as you could see his pain. I'm happy Vicki has found a new man that is filling up her love tank, and I hope Donn finds a woman that can fill up his love tank as well. We can all learn from this and remember it takes work on both sides to make the relationship thrive!

Now moving onto Tamra. Tamra has been such a warm, welcoming friend to me from day one. I thought I was joining a friend (Alexis) on the show, but quickly learned otherwise. Lucky for me I met Tamra before filming, and she became the friend I thought Alexis would be during filming. Tamra gave me advice on filming, contracts, press, and was an open book that welcomed me to the group! Let's start with Tamra's bath tub scene. I find it ironic Alexis considers taking a bath with someone you love porn. For someone with such strong "beliefs," she sure does judge a lot. From taking a bath, to same sex marriage, to women running for president. I'm so happy Tamra has found love and is enjoying herself on her terms! Eddie is a great guy that respects her so much. As for Tamra and Gretchen, like I said on film, I think they both will never agree and just need to let it go. Tamra really never did dish on Gretchen in her interviews this year, so I found it funny Gretchen thought that. Tamra did have a lot of comments about Slade, and although this may have been wrong, her points appear to be valid after we hear Michelle, Slade's ex, on the phone. And I have to say no matter how much you dislike someone, as a man you should never disrespect a woman on national TV the way Slade did to Tamra. Tamra also had a lot of comments about Alexis this season, but I was proud of her for apologizing to Alexis when Alexis attacked her about it. As for the fight with Jeana, it definitely got out of hand at Vicki's party, but Jeana was meddling in her business and needed to stop. I can't believe Jeana admitted to me on the reunion that she is still married and has a live-in boyfriend. And she wants to give relationship advice to Tamra?

Now onto Alexis. Wow, where do I start. After watching the season and reunion shows, I really now just feel compassion for her. She seems so lost. She is a totally different person from last season and different from the friend I knew the past four years. I think she was trying really hard this season to be more interesting and outspoken and get the fifteen minutes of fame she so desires. Funny she admits on the reunion she lied about giving my name to producers, as she thought it would ruin the friendship. Lying and being fake ruined the friendship. That and her talking poorly about me to mutual friends once I met with producers. If she was a true friend we would have had a great time filming and worked through any issues! She was always interrupting, even on the reunion, yet she thinks I'm trying so hard for camera time. You have to just laugh. And then there is the constant competing! You saw it even on the reunion with her all of a sudden thinking she too had PPD. Yes, I did say we had talked about her possibly having PPD when we were friends, but I live and deal with PPD everyday, so it's not something that just does or doesn't come up for me. I also found it funny when Gretchen revealed she had bulimia in Texas and now all of a sudden Alexis has that too. Then when Andy is wrapping up the show and asks for final thoughts she brings up me again! Can I say obsessed perhaps? Tamra is onto something. 

Funny how she brushed off the subject of me and Jim earlier, but then brought it back up later. Seems I must have struck a cord. Then Jim was texting her ridiculous accusations about me. Jim's hilarious text to her only proves he definitely took things with me more seriously than I ever did. I never considered us having a "relationship" that one of us even needed to end, so sorry, Alexis, but I wasn't dumped! From what I remember Jim was controlling and egotistical. Something you all clearly see on the show, so I'm glad I didn't spend much time or energy on him. It makes me wonder how many guys I only went to dinner with that might have also thought we had a full on relationship. Too funny! Jim is the last person on earth I would ever "stalk" as Alexis put it. Doesn't she remember what I said on Watch What Happens Live! For me it was one of those embarrassing moments you don't want to admit. Looks like she is not the only delusional person in her family. 

She also keeps bringing up my chef's dinner party. Get over it already. So I asked where Jim was? Wow, stop the presses! On the reunion I was at a loss of words, because it was all so insignificant, but for the record we never spoke before my party as to why she was coming alone. A classy person would call the host to decline. You also would call and ask permission to bring another guest. She texted me and told me she was bringing Dylan. Very rude. She and Gretchen both should have come together, and I could have invited another couple! I had to text her three times that week to finally get a response Thursday night via a text back only stating she was bringing Dylan and not Jim. She never stated Why, which is why I asked where he was. Regardless of that, she is the one who made a ridiculous scene and tried to ruin the party and in her words "get her camera time." Yet she thinks Tamra acted inappropriately at her dress preview party over Vicki's text? Hello, what she did at my party was far worse! This just again shows her immaturity and why our friendship is over. I am sad the way it all played out, but I know we are just too different and at different points in our lives. 

Lastly, I want to address Gretchen and Slade. I hope they find what works for them! Gretchen seems in such turmoil over their relationship. They have a fun loving and good working relationship, but I can empathize with her fears. For any of you also questioning your relationships, whenever I feel stuck, I find if you trust in your instincts you will always choose the right path. Another interesting thought is one of Micah's, "The more time you spend with the wrong person, the more likely you will be to miss meeting the right person."

Well good bye for now everyone. I will miss watching the show with you all and writing about it. Be sure to let Bravo know if you want to see my family back for next season! Thank you all so much for all your kind words and support! On days I was down, you all helped me feel better. Be sure to check into to keep up with me and all my exciting new ventures to come! Also follow me on Twitter @peggytanous and Facebook

Until next season! Don't be strangers! xo


Heather: Why Hate?

Heather wonders why you'd live in a place of resentment and tries to move on with the ladies.

We have put ourselves on a show where our every move is scrutinized. We are not perfect people. No one is perfect. We all do and say things we regret. Most of us do not do it in front of an international audience. You are all entitled to your opinions. It's what makes the show interesting, fun, and a "watercooler" conversation piece.

Regardless what you think about us, the show and/or what you believe truly happened this season -- I feel blessed and grateful.

My "reality" is an incredible husband who loves me and respects me, four healthy, amazing kids, a career that's been revived largely in part to the exposure of being on RHOC, and a group of friends that accepts my weaknesses and celebrates my strengths.

Truly, there is nothing more I could ever ask for. It's very easy to judge and hate -- but why? Does it make you feel better about your own life? Have you never done or said anything you regret? Can you imagine if it were captured for the world to see? I hope to keep growing and learning from my mistakes and my experiences. I hope you all do too. I hope you are all not judged too harshly and are forgiven when you are ready to make amends. Living in a space of hate and resentment is a bad place to exist. It's much better to love, forgive, and move on. I feel that's where I've come with all of the ladies at this point. Now we will see what the future holds. Thank you again for your support of our family and the show. . .

Until we meet again. . .


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