Peggy Tanous

Peggy talks about the trip to Temecula and her awkward moment with Vicki.

on May 8, 2011

This week we need to celebrate! Our world is in a safer place with Bin Laden gone! I was in NY during 9/11 and it was indescribable and horrific. Thank you to all our troops and servicemen and women that risk their lives everyday for us! Including my brother-in-law who served three tours in Iraq and came home with a purple heart!

Now on to this week's episode. You first see me going to Alexis' house to talk about my dinner party and her meltdown. By this point in filming I was already realizing Alexis was not a true friend, and I was over trying to give her chances and make plans to have her just blow me off. I was accepting where our friendship was now and moving forward. You saw at the dinner party she was basically telling me she didn't have time for our friendship. At her house she reiterates that point to me. Then I ask her if there is more to it than she is letting on, but once again she won't communicate with me. I even ask her if Jim had a problem with us for some reason, as he was very rude to Micah when we were all in Vegas together before filming started. She once again brushed off my question and tried to be competitive with me. Like anything in life, we both have our own perceptions on what is transpiring with our friendship and both deal with it the way we see fit. It's become blatantly obvious to me that the day I was chosen to be on the show Jim and Alexis both wanted nothing to do with me and Micah!

It was great to see Lynne and Tamra meet for drinks. I love Lynne and really wish she was still on the show full time! We've become very close. I thought it was so funny and cute when she told Tamra she must be weird because she has never kissed a girl! They have a great friendship.

You also see Tamra meeting Fernanda for drinks to discuss their kiss. I think Tamra handled their talk very well and realized that to her it was a fun, drunken kiss that was no big deal, but to a lesbian that obviously has a crush on her it meant much more. I was happy to see Tamra understood this and was able to empathize with Fernanda. I'm glad they cleared the air!