Peggy Tanous

Peggy talks about the trip to Temecula and her awkward moment with Vicki.

on May 8, 2011

It was difficult to see Donn and Vicki in their kitchen and how awkward they now are around each other. I think Donn is a really sweet and funny guy, and I feel bad he always seems to be complaining Vicki is never around, but it seems to me Vicki loses herself in work because they stopped having a connection long ago and she was not getting what she needed.

I was happy you viewers got to see me give the girls a bath before heading out to Temecula! It seems I filmed so much with my lil ladies since I'm with them all the time, but you don't always get to see it. I loved when Capri was doing her little bear crawl into the bathroom. It's crazy how big she has gotten since we started first filming. She was only one when we started filming, and she even took her first steps on camera! It was so amazing!

Bath time is over and now it's time for mommy to have a fun girl's day! I was really looking forward to wine tasting with Tamra and Vicki. I didn't get to spend very much time with them at my crazy dinner party and really haven't had time to get to know Vicki. I also love wine tasting and Temecula is special to me, as that is where Micah and I got married! We rented out one of the wineries there and had the most romantic setting for pictures. The limo ride out with Vicki and Tamra was fun. Unfortunately it ended up being a cold and rainy day. Once at the wineries you see the three of us getting along well and cracking jokes. Not to mention we were getting very buzzed! The guy helping us at the first winery cracked me up when he was trying to pick what wine our personalities would match. When we get to the second winery I felt so bad because I really had no idea anything was going on with Donn and Vicki and was just asking questions about them out of curiosity while getting to know Vicki better. It was obvious something was going on when she kept wanting to change the subject and started getting upset. I later found out she thought Tamra had told me something. Literally the next day Vicki filed for divorce. I was shocked and really sad. I thought after renewing their vows last year they might get through all their differences. Divorce is always so sad, but if two people have grown apart to that extreme and there are no kids involved, it is better to be happy than to be miserable and fighting.

It was cute to see Gretchen show her make-up line and handbags on the morning show in Texas. I loved that Slade was merchandising everything for her. That would be Micah if he was helping me on a shoot! They work really well together.