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Identical Twins

Peggy explains why she needed to get her breasts done and addresses Alexis' comments.

Well here we are again. Another week and another blog!

This week's episode starts with Vicki and her family taking a Duffy cruise around the Newport Harbor. I love doing this! Micah and I have several friends with Duffy's, and it's a great way to spend a day. It reminds me how fortunate we are to live here and be able to do this year round! I think everyone can tell by this point that Vicki and Don have completely different interests. It's sad to me, but I know there is a huge history of things that have gotten them here and they are on different pages. It is hard to continue in a relationship with someone when you are taking a different path than they are.

Next we see Gretchen planning her parents renewal of vows! This was so sweet to watch, and I can't believe all the time and effort Gretchen and Slade both spent on making everything authentic and special! Gretchen has a great relationship with her parents, and I completely relate to that. I love Paso Robles, and what better place to renew vows than a romantic winery!

Now we get to travel to Spain with Tamra and Eddie. What an experience! I have not been there yet, but it's definitely on my bucket list of places to go. Eddie and I are a lot alike in that we could be happy traveling all the time, where Micah and Tamra are more similar in that they like to stay home. It's nice Eddie encourages her to try new things and new adventures! I do that with Micah as well. It's great balancing each other out. Leaving your kids for more than a few days is tough for moms but Tamra deserved a fun, romantic trip! She's a great mom and has been through a lot. You could see watching their trip how happy they are. And the sights in Spain were breathtaking!

And saving the best for last, my surgery! I had my breasts done back when I was 21 and modeling a lot and wanted to enhance my look. Now I was getting them redone because the left one had broken away from the muscle and was becoming a health issue, and I have had them in 19 years so it was time! It was not me wanting to just pump up by boobs after babies.

Although you see Micah joke around a lot, he knew getting my boobs redone was a serious matter and took choosing a doctor very seriously. We wanted a doctor that not only was board certified, but one that was an "artist" and not a chop shop! I was having surgery to address current issues that required a specialist. We both also go off our feelings when we first meet someone! I interviewed with five or six doctors before choosing Dr. Mark Anton in Newport Beach ( Dr Anton and his entire staff were so warm and made us feel like family. More importantly, not only is Dr Anton a board certified plastic surgeon, but he is one of only a few doctors in the entire U.S. that has a special breast fellowship! He also donates his time in Haiti and other poverty stricken countries with Operation Smile doing surgery on children.

On the day of surgery Micah helped ease my fear with his usual funny and charming ways. I was so happy Dr. Anton allowed Micah to check my implant size before sewing me up, because I was nervous about size. I am a wife, mother, and getting back into my TV hosting and modeling and wanted to be able to dress my boobs up or down! I hold myself to a higher standard than just having the biggest breasts in O.C. Bigger is not always better, as we all know! The surgery went great, and when I woke up you see Micah surprise me with those amazing earrings! We had just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary, so the earrings were a combo anniversary, get well soon, and let's get Christmas also in there gift! I was shocked and thought it was very endearing.

The next day you see Alexis bring me food as I am recovering from surgery. This was filmed seven months ago, so we were on better terms than now. She has changed a lot since getting on the show, but the biggest change for our friendship started the day I tried out for the show. She really stopped being a friend from that point on, which made it uncomfortable to film with her. Watching this segment made me sad, because I felt I was watching how our friendship once was. It was so sweet of her to bring me food, and she's a great cook, but then hearing her comments behind my back was completely shocking. I have to say though, it was a good reminder as to why I have moved on in my life. Being that Alexis works for her plastic surgeon, I thought her comments about my breasts spoke poorly of both of them. I had interviewed with her doctor, but did not get that same warm, fuzzy feeling. The funny thing is, when Alexis asked to see my boobs they were bandaged up so she could only see I had great cleavage, which I was previously lacking. She has never seen them naked. She was obviously offended I didn't pick her doctor and she didn't make a percentage off the surgery. Well enough on that subject. Don't want to dwell on negativity. I am so happy with my new "twins" and so thankful Dr. Anton fixed my dent! And I'm happy to report the "twins" are identical!

As promised, my website will have a whole holistic section for PPD among other topics very soon. Thanks for being so patient! Check in regularly at and be sure to also follow me on Twitter @peggytanous and on FB at

Have a healthy and happy week until next time!