Peggy Tanous

Peggy addressed Micah's comments about the secret to a happy marriage.

on Apr 17, 2011

Well this week's episode was pretty mellow for me. Not emotional, no drama, and no surgery! You see Micah and I go to dinner with Gretchen and Slade for the first time. We went to one of our favorite spots, Maestro's Oceanclub! We actually had a fun night, but it appeared more awkward. There was definitely some tension however, as they are getting really close to Jim and Alexis and Micah and I are getting really close to Tamra and Eddie. I did feel a little strange when we were talking about kids, because I didn't want Slade to feel like we were judging or prying. I don't care what rumors float around about people. If I don't see it first hand and it doesn't effect me, I don't give it a second thought!

It probably did seem strange to people that I was muscle testing Micah with Gretchen's lip glosses, but Micah is allergic to most beauty products, and I don't like to waste money on a product if it will affect him poorly. It is a very accurate and easy way to test someone on a product, medication, perfume, etc. To test someone you know, you simply put the product in question in one hand holding it tight and with the other hand you squeeze your thumb and forefinger together. If you are allergic the fingers will pull apart right away. It's really crazy.

Micah's BJ comment was funny. He was kidding, and that was certainly wishful thinking with a 21 month old at home! You viewers have not gotten to see a ton of Micah yet, but he jokes around a lot and is very witty. Sometimes he can shock people! I loved when Gretchen said if that was the case I needed way more bling on my fingers!

The ring conversation was funny too. I think when you first get engaged and married the ring is a big deal, but after awhile that wears off. For our one year anniversary Micah got me a simple antique band that I love! We didn't have kids yet, but I was hosting and modeling full time and didn't want to be flashy. Now with kids I think the only time I wear my main ring is date night (Sad as it is because Micah put a lot of time and energy into designing it)! When it's all said and done, it's the love that matters and not the material things, so I loved Slade's comment that Gretchen's $10 flower ring would be her ring!