Peggy Tanous

Peggy talks about her daughters' modeling and explains why she was chatting with Vicki.

on Apr 3, 2011

Here we are again. The weeks are flying by! I can't believe we are on the fifth episode.

This was a fun episode for me! First off I was excited to have my breast surgery consult, as I have had mine in for over eighteen years, and it's time to change them out. Not to mention my left one had torn away from the muscle, so it was becoming a possible health issue. I love the doctor I chose, and as you could see, Micah always makes situations relaxed, light, and fun!

The next thing you see me doing is taking my precious babies to a modeling agency. Thank goodness my mom went with me to help out that day! Capri was at the stage where she just started walking, so she was all over the place. I got London with an agent when she was a few months old and now wanted to get Capri into the biz as well. I am definitely not a mom that would push something on my kids, but if they like it, I think it's a fun way to make money for them that they can put away for college and their first car! Micah and I are the type of parents that don't want to hand our kids everything on a silver platter. We want them to appreciate how hard you have to work for money and know how to make and manage their own money. The neat thing about the agency we went to is that it was my very first O.C. agency when I was only fifteen years old! As you could tell from the interview, the girls were a little wound up, and London didn't want to stand still for a picture. Since then, I have put the girls' auditioning on the back burner for now, as I think they are still a little young. We will see what happens down the road!

It was fun to see Tamra and Fernanda doing the photo shoot for NOH8! They are sexy girls and it's funny how they egg each other on. On the flip side, watching Tamra moving and throwing out her wedding glasses she shared with Simon was so sad. I couldn't imagine ever having to go through that. I really felt for her and know this past year has been very tough on her.