Tamra Barney

Tamra talks about her bathroom faux-pas and Alexis' breakdown.

on May 1, 2011

I would like to start off saying that Peggy and Micah did an amazing job putting together the dinner party. There was so much thought put into every little detail. The food was delicious, and the singer really set the mood for a very romantic night. Too bad nobody could behave!

I knew Vicki would love Eddie the minute she met him. He has the most amazing energy, a giant smile, and the biggest heart. It didn't take them long to start talking about business. Eddie is a lot like Vicki with his business and appreciates anyone that works hard. Donn and I on the other hand were cracking jokes all night long.

When we arrived at the house everything and everybody looked amazing. It was nice to finally introduce Eddie to everyone. Well almost everyone. I overheard Gretchen and her friend talking about Eddie the second we walked in. I thought it was extremely rude of Gretchen to be cracking jokes about a guy she had never met. If she wanted to rip on me, then that's another story. When the signer started to perform, it was so romantic and Eddie took me to the dance floor. Eddie is Latin, and now I know where the term Latin lover comes from. He is over the top touchy-feely and romantic all the time, and I love it! If Gretchen had a problem with it, then she shouldn't have been staring. We continued dancing as she stared at us and made fun of us. Eddie had said to me several times, "Who cares what she says, just ignore her," and he was right. But as we sat down and they continued to talk about us at the dinner table, I couldn't hold back so I looked at them and said, "I can hear you." Then they finally quit it.

It was no surprise that Slade didn't show up after his court appearance. I'm sorry if I sounded rude about his child support issues. But, I have no respect for a guy that chooses not to work for years and then doesn't have to pay his child support. I would get a job at Burger King if I had to. It breaks my heart what Michelle and their son are going through. Being a single mom is hard enough, especially with all the medical issues on top of it. When Gretchen said we should not comment because we don't know, I'm here to tell you I do know the truth, and if she wants to know how I know, I will be happy to tell her. Vicki said it best when she said let's see what Gretchen has to say about it when it happens to her one day.