Tamra Barney

Tamra addresses Fernanda's comments about their kiss.

on Apr 23, 2011

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have a blessed day.

Vicki is really trying to make an effort with Alexis to put the bad feelings behind her. She admitted she has a sharp tongue, and she was sorry. I definetly think we are seeing a softer side of Vicki this year. When Alexis tells Vicki she is going to be a business woman by starting her very own dress line, Vicki got a big smile on her face and asked Alexis a few questions any business person would ask. It kind of went like this in a nut shell:

Are you a designer? No.

Do you sew? Never.

Did you go to school for it? No, but my business partner is a hairdresser.

Do you know what couture means? Um, not really?

Yikes, we shall see how this turns out.

I thought Slade's gift was very thoughtful. But I think Gretchen was right, rolling around the canvas naked would have been more fun. Just saying! The picture he had painted of Gretchen was really cute.

I think Micah had a different vision of the kind of food he wanted for their party. Peggy is so easy going the chef could have told her they were serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and she would be okay with it as long as everyone had fun. When Eddie heard Micah say, "Mexican food is something you would serve at a pool party," I heard him say, "Oh really, I'm going to have to give that boy a call." I can't wait for next week so you can see how beautiful the dinner party looked and just how crazy it got.

I have known Marissa for quite a while. When I was in Spain she emailed me asking me to be in her charity fashion show with Peggy. I said yes, not knowing much about it. I was excited because Peggy was going to host it, and we get along so well that I knew it would be a ton of fun... or so I thought. I have done a few charity fashion shows but not at this level. I really expected it to be a small operation.