Tamra Barney

Tamra puts all the Fernanda drama to rest.

on May 9, 2011

Going wine tasting in Temecula was so much fun. It was my first time there, and I can't wait to go back. Peggy has family in Temecula and was married at one of the wineries, so she was able to show us around. I knew Vicki was a little upset with Donn for drinking too much at Peggy's party, but I didn't know it was that bad. I think Peggy asked Vicki twenty questions about Donn, and Vicki was having a hard time composing herself. That's one of the things about Vicki that I love, she wears her heart on her sleeve. 

Vicki is right, Peggy sounds just like Alexis when she talks! I can't tell them apart on the phone. When I said Alexis is jealous/competitive with Peggy and wanted to be her and roll around in her sheets, I didn't mean it in a sexual way but in an "I want to be you" way. I couldn't understand it in the past, but after the breaking news on Watch What Happens Live last week, now we might know why Alexis would be jealous of Peggy.  

It made me laugh so hard to hear that Jim does not want to be around the group of girls anymore. Isn't that the same line Jeana used when she left last season? whatever the truth is, no one really cares to be with him. Jim has to be the rudest man I have ever met in my life. He looks down on people and is so disrespectful even to his own wife and children. Alexis seems to constantly make excuses for his behavior and talk about him as if he is her master.

I think both Peggy and Alexis looked hot in their photo shoots. They both have smoking mommy bodies and should be very proud. Way to rock it, girls!