Tamra Barney

Tamra shares her thoughts on the reunion and everyone's low blows.

on Jun 14, 2011

After watching the reunion show, I laid in bed that night thinking for hours about how sad all the women appeared when discussing what happened this season. So many things went through my head, and the one thing that stood out most was how the truth has always, and will always, prevail.

Looking at each one of us, we all had so much stress on our faces that some of us were almost unrecognizable. I know that no one wanted to be there that day. The relationship between us girls has become so toxic, and we have resorted to saying things we would never say about people we call friends. The truth is most of us are not friends.

It's obvious that no one should be in anyone's personal business, and it makes me sick that we all have stooped to that level. I know in my heart that Slade's child support issues are not my business, but I am not about to sit there and listen to Slade and Gretchen accuse me of cheating on Simon, claiming Eddie was Simon's best friend, that I have no regard for my kids, or creating unfounded rumors about Eddie without even knowing him.

So I think to myself, "Why do they think it's OK for them to bash me about my personal life? Is it for the sole purpose of getting attention? Is it to get so much attention that the lie becomes a twisted truth? Perhaps it's to take the attention off of him and make me look like I am the only one talking about him?"