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The Blame Game's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 7.

This week was all about pointing fingers, both literally during Alexis and Tamra's tussle:

And verbally during Gretchen and Slade's argument:


And as we've learned from Housewives History 101, pointing fingers never leads anywhere good, generally resulting in weave snatching or snappy shouting matches. No hair was lost thankfully, but many hurt feelings were revealed. Is there anything we can glean from our warring 'Wives? Let's dive into the trenches and find out. 


What is a joke? Where is the line between light-hearted and mean-spirited? Alexis and Tamra's fight raised a lot of philosophical questions regarding the nature of humor. And quite frankly I just don't know that there will ever be a definitive answer as to whether Tamra's joke or Gretchen's joke (or neither) should have been viewed as all in good fun. We did however get some insight into Alexis' idea of appropriate party humor, so take note! Jokes should be restricted to Perrier bottles and/or boxing gloves when they involve your arch nemesis. Confused? Watch the clip and see Alexis explain it herself (Tamra's face is priceless):

Health and Fitness

It's one thing to call your significant other fat in the privacy of your own home, it's quite another to do it publicly. At least that's what Slade tells Gretchen about her constant Tubba Wubba-ing. You really can't help but feel for Slade this episode. He's a little overweight, his girlfriend is giving him a hard time about it, and then there's the whole montage about how he used to have it all and now he can't find a job... Rough! I guess the lesson here is don't complain about being fat to your significant other because they may interpret that as free license to tease you mercilessly. 

Also how far away was that park from their house? I'm curious exactly how far Slade had to run when he refused to get in the car with Gretchen. 


Try and keep your husband's age straight, especially if you're going through a rough patch. That looked like the final nail in the coffin of Vicki and Donn's dinner date. Unless of course they were at at a comedy club and what we didn't see was a hilarious act that lightened the mood shortly after. But I'm guessing that wasn't the case. 

The one light moment, and perhaps my favorite of the episode, is Peggy and Micah revealing the secret to a happy marriage -- blow jobs! These two really have no qualms about laying it all out, and I love them for that. 

Next week one of the original ladies of the O.C. is back...Jeana! And it looks like there's some tenion brewing between her and Tamra.