The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 13.

Jun 5, 2011

You've been waiting all season for this moment. You saw it in the "This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County" teaser after Episode 1, you were just wondering when it would happen. And now, on unlucky Episode 13, the Jeana and Tamra tussle finally plays out in the grand finale. Honestly in six seasons of the show, I can't remember a bigger spectacle than what went down tonight (well "naked wasted"-gate, but that was a different sort of spectacle). All I can say is thank goodness the cocktail of the evening wasn't a jalapeno infused margarita, otherwise there would be a lot of blind Housewives in Orange County.

So were there any takeaways from the first ladies of Bravo (other than BYO safety goggles)? Let's find out.

Party Planning

Is it a good idea to have a huge party immediately after filing for divorce? Well from Vicki's profuse tears and desire to stay holed up in the bathroom, I'd say probably not. You know it's bad when you've been crying so much that Preparation H comes into play. While it may be inconvenient to call your guests and cancel, it seems like it might have been worth it. And when you were just hospitalized for ulcers on top of going through a divorce, I imagine most people would understand.

Guest lists are a tricky thing in Orange County. You'd think it would be a good idea not to invite mortal enemies (i.e. Tamra and Jeana), and go with one or the other, thus avoiding any possible confrontations. But then again, will anyone is Coto really be talking about your party the next day if everyone gets along? Perhaps the best course of action is to invite everyone and just have a bouncer on hand to quickly disarm any drink slinging that may occur.

Oh and always invite Quinn, because she may just whip out her Roxy wig.