The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 2.

Mar 14, 2011


Peggy said that you need to have strong survival skills to live in Orange County, and perhaps she was referring to what appears to be the most popular competitive sport in the O.C. -- parenting. Alexis and Peggy's battle for parenting perfection certainly seemed like no laughing matter. However this scene left me puzzling over one very important question -- What's more advanced, being able to count to thirty in English or counting to six in Spanish? I won't hazard a guess, because I think a true professional needs to be consulted on this one. 

And just a side note, how cute was it when Peggy's daughter said she fell because she was trying to look around? Total "awww" moment. 


I think it was pretty clear that Vicki Gunvalson is not the next Patti Stanger. How Briana didn't just melt into a pool of parental embarrassment when her mom tryed to fix her up with, well, everyone is beyond me. Talking about your love life with your parents is awkward. Your mother trying to set you up with all of her unwed coworkers is, as Rachel Zoe would say, on a another level. But similar to the classic O.C. moment when Vicki surprises Michael at college, this was one of those instances of Vicki's always amusing over-momming. 

When looking for a husband, make sure he has it all. As Peggy points out, "I am so lucky to have a man that is into all the guy stuff like guns and swords, but then he's like Mr. Versace/Gucci." I'm now on the lookout for a man who's packing heat (insert inappropriate joke) while wearing a Versace suit. Or alternatively a sword-wielding Medieval Times knight in Gucci sunglasses.  

Next week things heat up with Tamra and Eddie, so stay tuned...