The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 8.

Apr 27, 20110

Housewives and fashion shows go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong (yes, that's a Grease reference). The point is that they always deliver (especially when they walk the runway themselves), so much so that my fabulous co-worker Kim created a gallery dedicated to this phenomenon. The O.C. ladies brought fierce to a whole new level, from Tamra's Jeana drama to Peggy and Tamra's signature walks (I wonder what Miss. J Alexander would have to say). So let's see what lessons we can learn from the ladies' model behavior.

Oh and Fernanda revealed her lesbian scandal with Tamra while at the gym. To Lynne. Best episode this season? Perhaps. 

Fashion and Modeling

Peggy and Tamra were asked to walk in their designer friend's fashion show. But little did they know ex-Housewife Jeana was also participating. Dun dun dun! In the face of such adversity however, Tamra taught us that a model never reveals her true feelings about another model. At least not to her face. Tamra delivers the ultimate compliment/burn combo when she tells the camera, "Jeana looks great, she just has a nasty soul."

A model truly distinguishes herself on the runway with a signature walk. Peggy and Tamra both had very distinct styles, so let's break them down. Peggy's quite leggy, and she certainly used that to stomp the yard with confidence. However she really injected something special into the mix with her self proclaimed "crazy arm." It was certainly memorable and probably helps keep other models from getting in her way.


Tamara needs to rebmmeer what comes around goes around and what is happening to her is what she keeps doing to everyone else. And that is making up lies and stuff and putting it in the news. How you treat people is how you will be treated and she is getting her just reward by Jenna standing up with Simon in this divorce. She put Gretchen through hell by her lies and now she is feeling what that is like and she does not like it. You have dug your hole Tamara , now lay in it.I think Jenna and Don would be great together. Vicki was always so hard on Don. She put him down every chance she could. She never gave Don any time in their marriage and always took trips without him. How can that be healthy. If I treated my husband like she treated Don. My husband would not of stood for it.


I agree with Peggy! It was very rude of Jim, and obnoxious!