The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 8.

Apr 27, 2011

I also love that Briana gets so much joy from pushing Vicki's buttons. Like when she refused to call or text Vicki from Vegas to let her know that she got in OK each night. But really, do you want to hear from someone who's been out in Vegas all night? I imagine that would be one very unitelligible voicemail/text, and it would probably worry Vicki even more. 


Gretchen joined the growing ranks of Housewives with self-portraits as Slade presented her with one for her birthday. And as Slade taught us, the perfect place for a picture of your queen is right near your throne... in the bathroom. 

We also got a taste of what Housewives like in their modern art pieces. When painting with Slade, Gretchen revealed what she had in mind: "I was imagining this whole rolling around in the paint, and then my top comes off and it rolls in the paint, and then I roll over the canvas and you see two nipple marks, but it was nothing like that." If they had gone that route, Slade could have saved himself the trouble of purchasing painter's pants. 

And next week we start to see where things go south between Alexis and Peggy: