The First 'Wives Club's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 6.

Apr 11, 2011


While not everything may be bigger in Orange County, at least one thing is. And that thing is, you guessed it, boobs! They're really beating us over the head with them this season (well on second thought I'm pretty sure they do that every season, but still). I believe Peggy summed it up best when she said, "Boobs are a very big accessory in Orange County." So true on so many levels...

But there are a few takeaways from all of this. First, if you get a new pair of breasts you might get a pair of diamond earrings to go with them. So long as your husband's a breast man. Second, that there are many different routes you can go with your boob job. Peggy and Alexis seemed to disagree over whose was better, but at the same time were unable to vocalize many concrete differences. The closest we got was Peggy's statement that, "Alexis went for a much bigger look, and I didn't want them to be where you just look at my breasts." It's a fine line between big and too big I suppose. 


Being strictly professional in the workplace is so two thousand and late. Vicki taught us that so long as you've known one of your employees long enough, sometimes tough love is necessary when they've been slacking off. And sometimes that tough love comes in the form of spankings. I do have to wonder though, does Coto Insurance have an H.R. person?