Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains what was going on between her and Donn.

on May 1, 2011

Wow, wasn't Peggy's dinner party spectacular? There isn't anything that she didn't think of. It was amazing. The night was warm and with all of her soft lighting and a professional singer singing in the background, it was very romantic and classy. I had just flown in earlier that afternoon from a business trip in Atlanta for a week,and really had no desire to go at all. I was tired and crabby, but once Eddie and Tamra came over I immediately got in the mood. Having Donn and Eddie meet was fun for Tamra and I, because last year Simon brought so much tension that it was hard to have fun and go out as couples. I really like Eddie, and it so nice to finally see Tamra being treated so well and respected. I hope they live a long and happy life together.

When I found out Slade and Jim were not planning on showing up to the dinner party, I thought it was rude to Peggy. She had a couples' dinner party planned for over a month, and I found it weird that Gretchen and Alexis brought their "male assistants" instead. It was very uncomfortable when they were lying for their men as to why they didn't show, and the fact of the matter is they both were in town and just didn't feel like coming. I'm sure they knew if they did come there ultimately would be some sort of drama, so they opted out for the evening. I feel bad sometimes when I hear some of the things I have said about Jim and Slade on camera, but I've been known to have a limited filter on my voice and sometimes I have to say what I think.

I find it very strange and insecure that Alexis made such a huge deal that Jim wasn't at the dinner party. She was acting as if she was out of town in another country and wasn't going to see him for a month. I mean sheesh, she was gone for three hours and it upset her so much that she ended up crying uncontrollably. I don't understand how that could have upset her so much. I mean she knew when she got in the car and headed over to Peggy's that Jim was not with her, so why the big alligator tears?

It was an off night for Donn and I, as I am sure all of you have had in your relationship from time to time. They are terribly uncomfortable, especially when you have to be filming and around a bunch of couples who are kissy kissy. We hadn't seen each other in a few weeks due to traveling for my business, Coto Insurance, and it always seemed to take us a while to re-enter the relationship once we get back together. Donn has a sharp tongue sometimes that most people never really see, but tonight you got a little glimpse of it. I was raised by my mother who screamed when she was mad, and I vowed I would never be in a relationship with anyone that screamed when they were angry. Although Donn is not 100% like my mom, he does tend to have a sharp tongue and has been known to be a screamer when angry. It was hard to see him this episode call me a b----, as I don't recall ever calling him a swear word or a bad name. When the subject came up about him and I having children, it was very hard for me to watch. When Donn and I got married, he told me he wanted a family with me and to have our own children together. After our first year of marriage, we had separated for a few months and the fear of having a baby once we reconciled was scary for both of us. I elected to get my tubes tied at 34 with Donn's full support, since I was afraid of ever having an "oops" baby and realized my hopes for a large family was not in my cards. In hindsight I don't know if that was my best decision, but at the time it seemed the right thing to do.