Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains the situation with Donn and how she is moving forward.

on Jun 12, 2011

Well here we are at the close of Season 6, and I feel very sad. Sad about how my life has unfolded this year and sad about any conflict that I had with any of my cast members this season.

For those of you that have supported me on my decision to file for divorce, thank you. For those of you that have a negative opinion about me regarding that decision, all I want to say is I’m sorry. My decision to divorce has been a long time coming. People who want to accuse me of working too much and think that is why my marriage suffered do not know the whole story, nor will you ever. Although my career and my company Coto Insurance & Financial Services is very important to me, it is not more important than my family.

I had no idea until we were sitting on the couch with Andy that they had previously met with Donn and interviewed him. It was so hard for me to see him talking about his pain, because the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt him. The reality is Donn knew that I was filing for divorce as I told him the week before. I told him and had given him a letter explaining to him that I think it was time to part ways, that the marriage was too far gone, and that I wanted to maintain a respectful separation. Donn was surprised at the fact that I had to actually serve him with a processor the week later. My attorney had told me if I did not serve him, he could have gotten into our joint bank accounts and moved money around without my knowledge. Serving Donn locked up the accounts, which guaranteed me that could not happen.

What the viewers didn’t know is I never wanted this to be played out on this series. I kept my decision very quiet for months and didn’t want any of this to be filmed. Unfortunately, my production company knew something was going on with us, and set up a meeting with me at my office to discuss what they had seen all season long on tape. I told them everything was fine and that we were just going through a rough patch. I’m not a very good liar, and I broke down crying saying I didn’t think we were going to make it. From there I spiraled down and told Tamra at dinner while we were filming.