Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains what went wrong in her relationship with Donn.

on Apr 17, 2011

When Alexis was talking to Tamra about getting a loan modification, I thought I'd clarify it for those of you who don't know. It's a way for people to be able to stay in their home without the risk of foreclosure or short selling and to make it more affordable. A loan mod basically negotiates directly with the bank to lower the payment and/or interest rate to reflect a payment that is allows the homeowner to be able to stay in the house. The banks typically do not lower the loan balance, just the payment. A short sale is when you sell the home typically for what the home is worth, and requires you to move out of the property. There are a lot of loan modifications being done in Orange County due to the home values declining as well as income levels decreasing, and if that doesn't work, they are short selling.

Many of you have been asking me about my eyelashes this season and how they got so long. I recently became the VP of Product and Development of a company called Puresuasion. One of the products that I can't live without is Cilea eyelash growth stimulator. For those of you that have been paying $120 or more for Latisse, this is a great alternative and is amazing. It is all natural, has an eyeliner applicator, and is half the price. It does not require a prescription and is so easy to use. Everyone thinks I have false eyelashes on, which I don't. If you'd like to order some for yourself, go to We have a sixty day money back guarantee, which is amazing. If you want long eyelashes without having to obtain a prescription, I would highly recommend getting this.

Well that's all for now. I wish all of you an amazing week. I am back in Richmond, VA this weekend wrapping up the filming of another show I am doing on the Style Network called Messiest Home of America. It should air in two months, and I encourage you to watch it. It's about a lady who is a single mother of three children, who has been living in home that is filled with garbage for over fifteen years. It will be very moving to say the least. I took her out job hunting and am encouraging her to make a life for herself after her husband left her fifteen years ago. I'm also going to encourage her to read my book that I will be leaving behind for her to read called More than a Housewife. My book will hopefully be a tool for her to find her true passion in life and to find her purpose which we all need.

Lastly, for those of you who are uninsured for life insurance, I highly recommend visiting my website for a free quote at If you already have a life insurance policy, let's see if we can shop all the major companies to see if we can save you money on your existing policy. Rates have actually gone down in the past five years.

Thanks for all your encouraging emails and for watching our show. I hope you enjoyed this week's episode and look forward to next week!


Vicki Gunvalson

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