Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains why she was so worried about Briana in Vegas.

on Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone. I hope this Easter holiday finds you and your family blessed and able to share in joy of the resurrection of our Lord and savior.

This week was nice for me as the episode did not show anything about Donn and I, which was nice for a change. I needed a break from everyone's opinions on our marriage as they really don't have a clue what we have.

I thought Slade's birthday present to Gretchen of the portrait of her was amazing! Given the fact that Slade is having financial problems, he was limited on what he could afford. This present is one that she will cherish and have for a lifetime. I think Gretchen owning the fact that it's tough for her to be the breadwinner in their relationship is admirable. I know that all too well in my relationship with Donn. There were many times where I wanted to be the one to be taken care of…however it has not been in my cards so far and for her to acknowledge that was good to hear. Don't get me wrong, I love making my own money and being able to provide for my family has been a huge accomplishment, however it comes with consequences. Donn has always held a good position and job with his company, however in order to provide private high school education for Mike and Briana and for each of them to have a college degree with no debt, it took both of us to contribute.

When I saw Alexis cut the sleeves off the dress her designer made, I was shocked. It was obvious the dress looked much better with shorter sleeves, but I think there was a more appropriate way to do it rather than cutting the sleeves off right in front of her. I still don't understand how Alexis is all of a sudden starting a dress line having three little children, filming a reality show, and being a full time wife to Jim. Just having the children and Jim is a full time job to me, and then adding filming a TV show into the mix, I would think she’s busy enough. I guess I just don’t understand why she would want to take any time away from raising her children by adding another thing to do to her calendar. Jim definitely seems like he is financially secure enough to support her and the family, so I guess I’m trying to figure it out if it’s for more fame or financial reasons. I am all about independence of women, but I think she is able to obtain that sense of independence just in filming a reality show. Just my two cents.

Seeing Jeana and Tamra interact at the fashion show was interesting. I know Jeana has really crossed the line by talking to Simon behind Tamra's back. It really hurt Tamra to have Jeana do that to her, and once that trust is broken, it's difficult to get back. I think Jeana looked great and I am so proud of her weight loss. I know she had to go through a lot of changes in order for that to happen, and I hope she sticks with it. I was asked to participate in the fashion show as well, however I was and am not comfortable with that, so I declined. I understood how Tamra was so nervous going on stage as I would have been the same way. In the end, I think Tamra did fantastic and I thought she looked very pretty.