Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains how she keeps her marriage working with Jim and questions Tamra's doubts about Brooks.

on Apr 11, 2012

However, with my career where it is currently, that is simply impossible. I happened to change my role mid-marriage and Jim jumped on board immediately. I am very thankful for this. I wasn't quick to turn over what I considered MY responsibilities inside the home, yet I knew I had to because I simply couldn't do it all. I view marriage as a constantly changing, ever-evolving relationship. In ten years, neither Jim or I will be exactly the same persons we are today. I believe the minute the marriage becomes stagnant is when the marriage ends, because that means one participant is not moving or changing with the other. With that in mind, I know Jim and I agree that our commitment to each other is that we will evolve together rather than drift apart. One of the rules we live by is that if one of us begins to drift too far, or push too hard, we are sure to voice our opinion that this is occurring. Jim knows that I am a perfectionist, so I tend to go 110 percent where I need to be only giving 20 percent of my time. I ask him his advice frequently because he is the one person that truly knows me and he is my best friend. I love that man and I value his advice! He has always truly been 100 percent supportive of my career and 100 percent honest with me. I would not have married him otherwise.

Moving on to Tamra's surgery. I am happy for Tamra and think she looks absolutely great! How sweet of Gretchen to show up at the hospital to visit her. That's what friends do.