Alexis Bellino

Alexis just wants to move on from the Peggy/Jim situation and calls out Tamra's brown-nosing.

on Feb 14, 2012

I think Brook's affirmations to Vicki are sweet. Yes, they are they a little overboard right now. But Jim and I were a little overly lovey at the beginning of our relationship too! I think that is the beauty of falling in love. It's easy to over-do it. It's easy to spend too much time together. It's easy to call each other too much. . .that is infatuation, and that is falling in love. Time tells all truths, and right now I feel that Brooks and Vicki's relationship is beautiful and we should all be happy for them.

Can Tamra's kiss Heather's tush any more that she has? Actually, oh yes. . .just wait to see what the season holds. Tamra ends up so far up Heather's tush she needs a freaking map to find her way back to reality. It's so hard to watch Tamra. She sits around belittling people, and she is just the epitome of a mean girl, and now a brown-noser.

Let's end on a positive note, Gretchen's breast cancer shoot was BEAUTIFUL! She kept what mattered covered, and she looked amazing, uh-hum I mean the handbag was beautiful, AND it was all for a good cause. Job well done!

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